The reflection of God Almighty (1986-1221); That manifestation of God Almighty, which alternates with, and when it ends, recedes into itself and becomes the sleeping state of God Almighty, the Parabrahma. The two states alternate, with no beginning and no end (1981-0829)

The Act of Creation is done by the Mother, the Adi Shakti (1995-0910); When the Adi Shakti created this Universe, and Sadashiva was watching, the first thing She created was Innocence, which was embodied as Shri Ganesha, and was called as Omkar. This protected all the creation, and penetrated into all that is matter, which matter acts according to it’s inbuilt nature (1986-0907); The whole Universe, the whole Creation is part and parcel of one organic being (1979-1203)

In the Puranas it is described that there were Avataras of Shri Vishnu on this Earth, who one by one gave the lead for the evolution. Ultimately, this now is the situation, at Sahastrara where I had to come… at this stage the main job is to give Realisation… to raise your Kundalini… in a very large scale; God created this Universe to see His image. Now He wants to see His beautiful image in you people (1986-1223)

Adi Shakti is the entire power of Sadashiva, of God Almighty… and He cannot do anything without Her powers… She first created Kundalini in Mother Earth itself, and then She created Shri Ganesha out of Mother Earth… so the Mother Earth becomes very important for us… if we do not know how to respect Mother Earth, we do not know how to respect ourselves; The expression of Adi Shakti within us is the Kundalini, and within the Mother Earth is expressed in different places, different countries, in different cities as the manifestation of chakras. So the reflection of the Adi Shakti as Kundalini, was first on the Mother Earth. Kundalini is… a wee part of the Adi Shakti… is the pure desire of Adi Shakti. So Adi Shakti is the complete desire of Sadashiva, and Adi Kundalini is the complete desire of Adi Shakti (1997-0525)

Inside the Mother Earth, the Kundalini came up in such a way, that it cooled down the inner part of the Mother Earth as much as it could, and then it manifested on the surface as different chakras. So it is a tremendous similarity that we have with the Virata, the Mother Earth and the human beings… if all of them are reflected by the Adi Kundalini, then there has to be a great connection between them. This Kundalini passed through different centres… in the Mother Earth and ultimately broke through Kailasha… and in Kailasha you’ll see tremendous vibrations flowing out (1997-0525); All the movements of Mother Earth are controlled by this inner Kundalini, which is the reflection of Adi Shakti. The gravity that it has also is the manifestation of the Kundalini of the Mother Earth (1997-0525)

Now see how Mother Earth herself was created. First the movement of the energy started flowing… now this is a combined energy alright… then this energy went round and round and round… and when it consolidated, there was a big bang. When this big bang took place… now this is the manly work I should say, in a way, manly style, because still the Mother Earth is not produced… so then these little fragments again went round and round… and with the momentum they became roundish… out of them the Mother Earth was selected. On the Mother Earth, out of the water came the life… the carbon came in… and a human being was created. Then ‘man’ went round and improved the societies, or whatever was possible, with their ego… and, finished now… now they have done their job you see… now they are on dole you can say. Now the womb or we can say the Kundalini, which has been waiting all these years… was resting… waiting for that time… we call it the blossom time has come. At that time the Kundalini has to rise and ignite in such a way that the completion of the whole work takes place… it’s simple… do you understand now? (1983-0821)

The Mother Earth was created by the power of the Sun, and at first was created as a big ball of gas, which later became a thick mass of energy. The Earth was very hot, and so was taken closer to the Moon to cool down, and so became frozen and covered in ice. (The Moon had already been created and was very far away from the Sun, and so was very cool). The Earth was then taken back towards the Sun so that the ice melted and water was created, and the Earth was then placed in the centre, so that Life could be produced. It was all done – it did not just happen, it was all done. The energy on the right, which created the Universe, produced the physical part i.e. the electromagnetic force. Mother Earth created the Carbon. Through the effect of electricity, carbon got attached to Hydrogen and Oxygen, and so produced amino acids, and so Prana started, which ultimately produced the mind and the brain, and when we become Realised, becomes the Pranava (1985-0528)

When Mother Earth was created, as a symbol of motherhood… then also many Shri Ganeshas were created in the Universe… in the Cosmos… that which is called as Mars… is a Shri Ganesha; Now India is the microscopic form of the whole Mother Earth, and in the triangle of Maharashtra, we have got 8 Ganeshas… which are manifesting vibrations… and they were recognised by the great Saints of Maharashtra (1984-0902)

The simple village people must have realised the importance of this mountain – thousands and millions of years back, where the Himalayas now stand, it was first a large ocean. The Himalayas started coming out of that ocean… the Mother Earth was pushed on the sides… and the Mother Earth started giving folds to her sari, you can say. At certain points, it rose up to a ‘point’, becoming like a Shri Ganesha… but then still more folds started coming up, much later… when the human brain started developing it’s ego… another land joined it… in such a manner that it formed an apex… the superego was pushed in and was brought to the climax. This synchronises with the human brain, because the whole Universe is represented in our body as well… the central axis of the Mother Earth acted as the spinal cord. Again there was a big push, onto all the mountains which were to be created as Shri Ganesha, and they got into their final forms. At the other end of this range must be the highest mountain… Mont Blanc. So the Himalayas were brought up to a point only… the Ganeshas to a certain height… not too much. So on the right hand side, the ego went… you see the expression in Mont Blanc. At the other end, was created another Ganesha, near Darjeeling (1984-0902)

Now the ocean is the Father, and the Mother Earth is your Mother… but when the Mother Earth becomes a mountain, she is called as the Father. The reason is that at that height, she can catch the Father on top of her head as snow or as rain. That is how the Mother becomes the Father… and so she can perform the complete function of a father and a mother… in that state only, Gauri as the daughter of the mountains, conceived Shri Ganesha… without the help of the father… immaculate (1984-0902); The purity of the snow is 100%… and that covers the Mother Earth… gives the formation of innocence. All the filth and dirt that goes into the ocean, is clarified by the Sun, which is also Shri Ganesha, and is brought on top of the hills and mountains to cover it (1984-0902)

To Ganesha it’s a big problem to exist in a country which doesn’t worship it… that has no sense of respect (1984-0902); We are so closely related to Mother Earth… the Mother Earth, and the Atmosphere react to our behaviour… to how we live (1997-0823.1)

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