Swadisthan… is the centre of aesthetics and creativity, which manifests in such forms as music and poetry. Also the centre of Pure Knowledge (1989-0801); Burva (1986-0303); The basis of all the creativity of Shri Saraswati is love – if there is no love, then there is no creativity. All the great creative works of the world have vibrations, and only those that have vibrations have been sustained by time (1983-0113); The fire ceremony… which is the right hand side religious work… because it is just creativity… by which you create auspiciousness… by your exciting… the Deities on the right hand side (1979-0608.2);

The right side power is the power of Creativity… of Saraswati; Whatever we desire, we create (1980-0102)… the side of creativity, and of thinking (1978-1115); Once you start ‘thinking’, then there’s a barrier between the Spirit and you – in any art or in any deftness… that’s how the creativity, the spontaneity is finished… by thinking. So do everything in silence… in thoughtless awareness… that’s the main point (1980-0907)

Also this power looks after the body, the 5 elements within us. These two powers within us… one which caters for our psyche, and the other for our creativity… are coordinated, looked after, supported by the central power, which we call as the power of Mahalakshmi… which also gives us our nature as a human being… and is the evolutionary power (1980-0102)

The power… ‘She’ is the power, and ‘She’ is called as Shakti… ‘She’ is the power. So ‘He’ is the God Almighty… and his power is a ‘She’… the Holy Ghost…the Divine Power of God… is Love… which has got… one is the Creative power… and another is the power of Desire. First he must have desire… and then he creates… so, he has the power of Desire… then he has the power of Creativity… and also he has a third power which gives us Sustainance… and Evolution… so this third power is more important because that gives us this Ascent also. This is the manifestation of the Holy Ghost, which is the power of God Almighty… which is the power of his Divine Love (1982-1008)

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– end – 27 Jun 2003