To have the house of a man who is your critic next to you… so that you know your defects… so you correct yourself… is the wise attitude… like a mirror – you should thank such a man, that he’s criticising you (1980-0517.1); If you accept such a situation, in which you say alright… if this is such that what is said is the truth, then it is very much better for my ego… and if it is not the truth, then what is so important… this attitude in Sahaja Yoga will help you very much. It is a very wise attitude towards oneself, and you’ll be surprised that as you grow with this attitude, you won’t be so easily hurt by what people say to you… you’ll not be bothered. Your self esteem should be such that nothing should make you unhappy… it’s all a drama going on (1980-0517.1); If somebody has complained that you are hot tempered… accept it… just accept it… is a great thing that there is somebody who tells you that. If somebody says you are miserly… accept it… so we must change. If you don’t want to change… you’d better leave… that’s the main point (1981-0904)

You must know that you should never challenge anybody who’s organising… never (1983-0104); Instead of criticising another… we should put attention onto another who has done something, with love, and thereby get an understanding of that person – identify with that person instead of judging. Who are we to judge or to criticise (1996-0505); We are constantly bombarded with criticism… always there is the fear that someone may criticise – it doesn’t matter what they say… it makes no difference (1991-0728); So, to criticise is not the way you can enjoy love (1997-0823.1)

Criticism… of art for example… by people who themselves do not know how to even draw one pencil line properly, leave alone painting anything… has killed so many artists. Then… everybody who is painting, has to think… ‘what people will say’… and as a result of that something absolutely absurd grows, without any subtle expression – it is… because of our ego which suppresses all spontaneous living growth… of our thought… art… and life… and where nobody can express anything; It is through our Agnya that we judge (1989-0423)

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