It’s like… butter is made out of… we call it ‘curd’ – so, they churn it… when they churn it… what happens… some butter comes out… and the rest remains as buttermilk. To separate it, they put a big lump of butter in that curd, and then they churn it… now all the butter gets around that big lump, and it gathers into a bigger lump you see. But, there are some particles of butter… which are left behind – if they do not stick to this big lump of butter, they are thrown away with the buttermilk. So those who do not come up to Sahaja Yoga, who are not up to the mark, will be all thrown out… no doubt… that is a fact… you have to come up to the mark. And you should not worry about those… you should have no attachment for such people (1981-0524); In the milk… when you put lime… or lemon… it starts separating… into water and curd (1977-0215); The buttermilk… is much better than Dahi, it’s much more soothing (for diarrhoea – Ed) (1988-1221)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1988-1221 Hygiene – Sangli – see 1988-1217 good 45 1977-0215 Talks about Sat Chit Anand, Delhi poor 65

1981-0524 Subconscious, Supraconscious, Chelsham Road not good 70

– end – 10 Sep 2002