Now you have got curative powers… you know that… you can cure people… but you do not get into that mess… because there, Mahamaya plays her part… if I find you are getting into your head the idea that you are very much… getting involved into… for example… your brother-in-law’s… father-in-law’s… mother-inlaw… then I’ll stop it… or you’ll get into trouble. If you start making money out of it… I’ll stop it. I do many things, by which I just stop it… and then you cannot have that power in you… on the contrary you suffer quite a lot… because you do not know how to protect yourself from all these bad things. So, before you start curing others, you first cure yourself fully (1980-0127.2)

Also you can use my photograph for curing other people. So, one should not bother about all these things… one should keep completely detached about it. So do not cure anyone… if you have to cure people, then you please give them the photograph and ask someone to work on them. You have got the power to handle my photograph… give it to others (1980-0127.2)

Curing in Sahaja Yoga… occurs only as a ‘by-product’ of getting Self Realisation (1982-0710); What is important is that… if you are curing, know that ‘you’ are not curing… it is the Divine Power that is curing… ‘you’ are not doing anything… is best to be like that. I feel the same way… I am doing nothing… I’m Nishkriya, doing nothing… but I’m not lazy – you should be active, but all your activity should be coming from the Divine Power of Love (1997-1225); Curing is the work of Kundalini when she rises, and is because in you, God is going to manifest (1980-0609); We should not get into the curing part, and our attention should not be too much on that, because this will lead to our being troubled with spirits and getting into problems (1979-1009.1)

The disease of cancer cannot be cured except by Sahaja Yoga. Now cancer can be corrected if you can pour that energy, the energy of the All Pervading Power into the patient… and then this power is all the time flowing in him (1979-0720); When the Kundalini rises, she awakens these centres… and when these centres are awakened, they just come back to normal… the person becomes normal… that’s how cancer can be cured… it’s very simple (1982-1008); Cancer can be cured by the Chaitanya, flowing through Sahaja Yogis, and which is containing the emotional, physical, mental and evolutionary elements, which when applied to a faulty chakra, causes it to return to normal (1984-0313); By some chance if you could bring the ‘centres’ back in connection with the whole… cancer can be cured… it is as simple as that (1982-1008)

Leukaemia can easily be cured… because when you put your hand on the spleen, if you are a Realised Soul, the energy flows… and the spleen settles down, because it gets new vitality… it gets the wisdom from these vibrations… because this is the energy which thinks, cooperates, organises, sorts out… and when given to this spleen, it becomes wiser… it rests… it becomes silent. Also if you give the person the balance with your hands… you can make the person much more relaxed, much more silent… that is how you can cure (1982-1008)

Collectively I can cure cancer, if Sahaja Yogis… are more… if you are clear people… but your channels are so full of problems that nothing flows through you. If you get yourselves cleared out, collectively I can stop cancer spreading… because if you spread more vibrations, what happens is that the left and right side in the Virat becomes clearer, and the attacks from the left and right side which creates cancer and all these horrible diseases will be cancelled, because they will be less (1980-0927); I can stop the happening of cancer completely, if I have 21000 Sahaja Yogis… Leprosy I can control… cancer already I am controlling (1980-0927)

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– end – 27 Dec 2002