When you die, the Spirit does not die – Christ came to show, that Spirit is eternal (1981-0330); Resurrection is the message of Christ’s life… the Spirit cannot be killed by anyone… it is eternal… and he had to prove it. To prove it, there had to be somebody here on this Earth… to come in, with a body, to act like a human being, to live like a human being, and to go through the drama of death. To show that he overcomes death… that he resurrects himself… he had to die, and he had to be resurrected (1981-1006); This was the true message of Christ (1981-1005), the reason for the crucifixion, that Christ had to undergo (1987-1023)

Death is like changing clothes – the part that is earth and water falls off… and you remain, as you are (1983-1001); When we die, one of the 5 Koshas or cocoons of the body, which is the ‘matter’, falls off… then the water cocoon also falls off… and the Soul remains… with the Spirit… and the Kundalini also (1981-1006); It is the Soul… which lines the spinal cord (1995-0625)… and is comprised of elements of Fire, Air, Ether plus Spirit and Kundalini. At death the earth and water elements die (1981-0921); Sometimes when people die… or are about to die… and they come back to life… they always say that they pass through some sort of a tunnel – some have a black tunnel… some have a bright tunnel… some have a light tunnel – this is what is the Soul which is within us, which starts going up… and with that our attention goes, and we feel we are passing through a tunnel. These Souls you can see in the sky… hanging around… with seven loops. You can see them only after Realisation… not before that. So this Soul guides you… and it has brought you to Sahaja Yoga (1995-0625)

Anyone who is born, is going to die – that is the system; Two people never die together, and if you cry for the one who has gone, then he will get no peace, he may just be hovering there, or be in limbo, waiting for you to come there. Better to say ‘o.k. I’m alright, you go get your Realisation… just as I have got it’ (1987-0408); Death does not exist in the Divine language. Those who are dead can be reborn. But death can be used for punishing people, for destroying them, for taking them away from the scene – that’s what Mother Earth does (1986-0803); A Sahaja Yogi should never be afraid of death, because if he dies, it is only going to be another life where he rests for a while, and then comes back with greater enthusiasm, with greater energy (1992-0209)

When a person dies, then his Soul comes out… and his Spirit also guides him… so we call it a ‘dead soul’… like that they hang in the air sometimes. When they are Realised Souls, they need not… they become one with the Divine… and whenever they want, they can always be born again. But these Souls who are still attached to something… maybe to children… to the house… to drinking habits… maybe something nonsensical… still hang around, and they are the one’s who trouble us… who bother us too much. They can be in groups… they can be many… of different types… they could be with a very bad subconscious activity… or could be with Supraconscious also. Now some difficulties that you face, which cannot be solved, could be coming from these dead Souls. So the best way to get rid of them is to develop a detached attitude towards life (1995-0625)

Now… against abortion… I am not… if a woman is suffering, let her have an abortion… the one who is living is more important than those who are not living. If somebody wants to have an abortion… that child can be born again… according to us… nobody dies permanently. In Sahaja Yoga, we have divorce and we also have abortion. It is important to understand that these are all taboos which are there… but not for people who have to get out of their troubles… you have to have it. But to be very frank… we don’t have to do abortions… it is achieved by Paramchaitanya… it knows what is to be done… and how to achieve it (1997-0823.1)

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