Many people say that they can decide on vibrations, and they have decided certain things on vibrations, but they commit mistakes… that means that they have not yet grown up to that state where they can decide on vibrations. Nobody should arbitrarily decide, but should consult the collective, especially the leader to find out, if whatever you have thought of is alright. One may commit lots of mistakes, if you start behaving arbitrarily. The greatest law of Sahaja Yoga is that it is a collective happening (1988-0103)

The whole Cosmos is trying to help you… you see you don’t have to do much effort, to think about it… what should I choose… whether I should take this… or whether I should take that… the only thing you have to do is… just to see for yourself, that you are watching… and you are seeing… an opportunity coming to you… and allow the opportunity to appear before you… it does. You don’t have to deliberately bother your head, what to take, what to do… it will just be there… you will be amazed, how it works; It’s a question of how far you are surrendered… how far you have gone with the Divine (1988-0921)

Problems with Hamsa can include shooting headaches on one side, or sinus problems, and may result from being overloaded with decision making. Avoid eating anything that is sharp or sour (MME)

Tape References

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1988-0103 Patience and sweetness – G’pule – see 1987-1213 good 15

– end – 30 Apr 2003