Shri Ganesha’s complete dedication is to the Mother… is not to any other thing… not to any other Deity – he goes to all of them… he respects all of them, through the understanding of the Mother. But some people cannot do that… they still stick on to some sort of Deity… some sort of ideology… then they are not fully in connection with me – and that is what he is… that he is just in connection with his Mother. To him, She is everything… She is the source of knowledge… She is the source of joy… She is the source of truth… he doesn’t have to look anywhere else. Now it looks very egoistical to say these things in modern times… but you can understand… that if you have to gain anything… if you have to achieve any knowledge within… if you have to ascend higher… then you have to learn from Shri Ganesha… what he does… and what is his relationship with his Mother (1993-0721)

Now these powers can be maintained if you try to follow Shri Ganesha. His foremost quality is that he does not know any other God or anybody else, higher than his own Mother… a complete dedication and complete obedience to Mother… I mean sort of, he is made out of that obedience… complete love and affection for the Mother… he doesn’t argue… he doesn’t question… he doesn’t do anything… and that’s how these powers are in him the maximum. If you think by arguing with me you are gaining, you are sadly mistaken… you have to keep me pleased… is a fact… so please don’t try to displease me… I may not say anything, because outwardly I don’t say anything… but your powers will be reduced (1980-0127.2)

So many have worked for Sahaja Yoga with such dedication, without even being aware of how hard they have worked, or how much they have done, and without getting any material gain out of it. This dedication is directed by the Divine (1990-0100)

So it is essential to take to Sahaja Yoga, in the most dedicated manner. And this is the only thing that we can give to our friends and relatives, and to all the world around. I am here to help you, to work for you day and night, and I’ll spare no effort to help you… and do everything that is possible to make you alright, to pass this examination of Last Judgement. But you have to cooperate with me, and have to go headlong about it, and devote most of your time for Sahaja Yoga, and for imbibing all that is great and noble (1979-0928); When the whole world is going to be destroyed completely, it is very important that you ‘cling’ on to the thing that is going to save you… with ‘complete might’ and ‘complete faith’ (1982-0731)

Even in Puja when I see people doing Puja I know how far they are dedicated… because the way they do it with caution, with care, with awe, with understanding… everything is so beautiful… but if somebody is doing just a ritual thing, I get a fright… like they’ll do my Puja alright… mechanically… but some people may not even do any Puja… but they sit before the photograph… and talk to me heart to heart… without saying anything… but… to put it in the heart for some people is very difficult (1985-0310)

Do you do whatever is told to you – you have to obey… if you are not obedient, then you cannot become a guru… because if you cannot obey, how can others obey you. This obedience is not for any personal gain of the guru… not at all… but for your gain only, for your education, for your ascent. If such a view is taken, then you start getting all the qualities of a guru (1998-0712); There are certain problems that arise sometimes, when you don’t listen to the Mother (1988-0101)

– Jai Shri Mataji –

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