If you start respecting your attention… then gradually you develop a deftness for Sahaja Yoga… but so many people, when they get Realised, they hardly come a second time… and even if they come a second time, they do not develop the feeling of vibrations… they still go on being busy with their day to day work… wasting their time on things which do not give you the subtler feelings… so the subtleness, the deftness of the art of Sahaja does not develop. For example, a person who is over-read… as soon as he gets his Realisation, he starts tallying it with what he has read… this makes his attention again wasted. As it is, his attention has been fixed by these conventional ideas… some of them are correct… some are incorrect… some are absolutely false… some are useless… some are only because they wanted to make money… so they published some trash. As soon as you get Realisation… you go back to your own… gross awareness… and start tallying this ‘subtle’ with the ‘gross’ – you again start losing the vibrations. You are not to fix your attention… but you have to make your attention subtler and subtler (1977-0126.2)

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1977-0126.2 Bordi Attention – see 1977-0126.1 poor

– end – 25 Dec 2002