Aspects of God Almighty, that keep the Divine informed regarding the conduct of the disciples (1990-0923), and exist on every Chakra (1982-0711); If you please others, your Deities will be very happy… because they are all one… within each of you… because they are all related to each other… and they feel unhappy when you try to be unkind to each other (1980-0927)

Now for Sahaja Yogis as I say there should be no ritual… ritualistic things always make you absolutely dead… like early in the morning you start with a mantra… and go on repeating mantra like a mechanical thing… it’s absolutely paying no respect to the Deity. But in a proper way… whichever Deity you want to awaken… think of that Deity, try to cleanse it, with all the understanding and deliberations… with respect… with a protocol… and not just to take somebody’s name and just go on chanting any mantra you feel… it’s not a mechanical thing. Sahaja Yoga is a thing which has to come from the heart… it is heart felt… if you do not do it from your heart it has no meaning (1981-0511)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1980-0927 Lethargy, Chelsham Road good 75

1981-0511 Lord Jesus, Forgiveness, Caxton Hall not good 1982-0711 Nabhi to Sahastrara, Derby good 90

1990-0923 Navaratri Puja – Geneva, Switzerland good 75

– end – 4 Jun 2003