A left sided person (someone who is too much in the left side), cannot enjoy the fun of collectivity, and can be very negative, and depressive, finding problems everywhere, but it can be cured by putting left hand to the Photo, or to the Mother, and the right hand on Mother Earth (1989-0806); It is Shri Bhairava who is the greatest disciple of Shri Mahakali, and who kills all the Rakshasas (1990-0912)… who exists on the left or moon channel, and acts to cool us down, who destroys negativity, bhoots, attachments, habits, conditionings, depressiveness… and prevents the doing of wrong things (1989-0806; 1977-0215); When you are infested with negativity, with depression, with the attacks of the superego, then you have to say ‘I am’…’ I am going to fight you’ (1981-1006)

You shouldn’t… try to judge yourself… just gradually rise, appreciate yourself… and gradually you rise, and settle down… on the position that you have achieved. Instead of that, you feel very diffident, and very much depressed, if you start judging. If you all the time start judging yourself, this will not help you… be self assured (1992-0719); Do you suddenly get nervous sometimes… or distressed… depressed. You do get nervous and depressed sometimes… then you shouldn’t go, in the night, out alone… not good to travel at night… at least to walk around… after say 10 o’clock (1979-0609.3)

After Realisation, we should become universal, and not get engulfed with our ‘Signs’… but they do give us a particular colour in the whole cosmos; They should not create discord. The Spirit is not bound by any ‘Signs’, or by the ‘Stars’ – our progress depends on our own desire to be the Spirit, and should not depend on our star signs, which can lead to ego orientation or depression (1981-1103)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1977-0215 Talks about Sat Chit Anand, Delhi poor 65 1979-0609.3 Maria’s House Tape 3 poor

1981-1006 Krishna to Christ, Houston (A New Age has started) Not good 80 1981-1103 You must grow fast in S Yoga, Brahman Ct [Fr. translation] good 75 1989-0806 Shri Bhairavnath Puja – Garlate, Italy good 25

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Chakras affected: Left Side

– end – 28 Jun 2003