The entrepreneurs are busy pampering our egos, giving us fashions, hair fashions, clothes, too many choices over simple things like what I will have for breakfast etc. We should not become enslaved by any entrepreneurs – wear what is sensible (1991-0728); These designers… they make the money… befooling everybody… they take out some idea, and sell it for a high price… and if you are a fool, you go and buy that. They are… exploiting you (1997-1004); All this designing… is based on your stupid ego, which makes you buy all these things… to show off your ego… so try to be humble (1997-1004); It’s nothing but you are playing into the hands of these entrepreneurs. Once you have established what you require… what is the style you require… finished… then you must grow inside, and not outside (1996-0710); Fashion is madness (1997-1005)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1996-0710 Airport Talk, Vienna – see 1996-0710 good 40

1991-0728 Guru Puja, Cabella good 60

1996-0710 Airport Talk/Mahalakshmi Puja ’96 Vienna/Moscow 1997-1004.1 Nature & Balance, evening before Navaratri, Cabella good 1997-1004.2 MUSIC – Evening Program, Cabella

1997-1005 The Main Qualities to imbibe, Navaratri, Cabella good 80

– end – 27 Dec 2002