If we do not have an intense desire to ascend, then we cannot ascend. In morning meditation, we must say what is our desire, what is our goal, whilst taking the name of Shri Ganesha – all activity must be surrendered for this goal – this desire may be curbed through the cocoon of ‘my-ness’ that develops after Realisation, when as a result, we can become half hearted in our ascent (1989-0619)

Some people achieve maturity much faster than others… despite the fact that they may have been ruined by many… but still they do it. What makes it very quick is the left side, what we call Mahakali’s power… or we can call it as Iccha Shakti… the power of Desiring. If the power of Desiring is very strong, and comes from your heart… absolutely from your heart… then it works much faster. Once you put your heart to it, everything will work out well… because the whole force is coming from your heart… because in the heart resides the Spirit. So the only judging point is… ‘am I doing it from my heart… or… am I doing it superficially’ (1979-1009.1)

First thing is to develop the Mahakali Power, and destroy all the nonsense that is impeding or blocking us… just… I don’t want it. Then keep attention on the destination (1989-0619); Your desire should be pure (1989-0619); When all external desires dim out, and the real desire to be one with the Almighty remains, then the Kundalini can rise spontaneously. It has happened to very few people – Buddha and Mahavira were human beings, but who achieved Godliness (1980-0609)

Not by facing yourself do you get rid of the desires, but through wisdom (1980-0609); The desires that we get may be for our relatives… for them to get Realisation… or to be cured – it is important to witness them… to see them as you would see anybody else… and don’t force Sahaja Yoga on any one of your relatives… and don’t force them on Shri Mataji; Then you start thinking of the problems of your country… alright give me the map of your country… finished… that’s more than sufficient (1982-1219)

Desire comes from your heart, and you are so built that the Brahmarandra is also your heart. Try to open your heart by projecting it. Your outlook should be how much have I contributed to this… (1982-1219)

You should have only one intense desire within yourself… have I become the Spirit, have I achieved my ultimate, have I risen above the worldly desires… purify yourself; The desire that you have… leave it… then, once you are purified, that area will be covered through your attention… it’s very interesting. When you get over it, then only, you can throw light… but if you are inside, your light is hidden, there is no light emitted. Rise above that desire. Every time you get a desire, you rise above it… so your light is emitted on that wider problem that you are facing, that you think should be solved by your Mother (1982-1219)

You have to do only one thing, is to become the Spirit, that’s all… is a simple thing. Then to substantiate your purity, your attention should be on the ‘other’ side – now you are not facing the Mother, you are sitting with the Mother, facing the whole world… the whole attitude will change. The attitude should be, what can I give, how can I give, what is my mistake in giving… I have to be more alert, where is my attention, what am I doing, what is my responsibility… (1982-1219)

Without desire this Universe would not have been created; The desire of God is the one that is the Holy Ghost, the All Pervading Power, the Kundalini within you. The Kundalini has only one desire… is to be the Spirit, and anything else if you desire, the Kundalini doesn’t rise (1982-1219); The desire to ‘rise higher’ creates the bridge of Sushumna across the void, within us, and so allows the Kundalini to pass (1986-0921.1)

I am desireless… because the Divine Power… is working for me… everything… I don’t have to desire… it knows. I don’t desire anything… but you have to desire… you have to pray… you have to ask… and the wider you become, your prayers will be wider (1992-0229)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003