If you leave things to the Divine Power and believe in it, then everything works out for your good… and if it does not, you must know that it is your destiny. You must accept… you must learn to accept, because whatever you have fixed up for yourself, as something very great, is not. So what is the greatest thing you have to achieve is your detachment… then you become Gunatit (1998-0712); You should not insist on time and timings… whatever comes, Sahaja, accept it (1976-0330)

Acceptance will give you a wonderful discretion over your ego. Whatever goes wrong… it’s alright… accept it. Supposing you are lost on the way… you should not think like all other people… but think… ‘why… Hanumana must have brought me here for some purpose’… accept it… accept the situation. When you accept the situation, you are playing into the hands of the Deities… who are guiding you (1988-0710)

If somebody has complained that you are hot tempered… accept it… just accept it… is a great thing that there is somebody who tells you that. If somebody says you are miserly… accept it… so we must change. If you don’t want to change… you’d better leave… that’s the main point (1981-0904)

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