Develop detachment… but… not to be irresponsible; Detachment is from within… when we are ‘not bothered’… and is to be seen in generosity (1982-1101); It comes when our attention gets fixed up with our Spirit, and we drop out other unimportant things. Our Spirit is everything to us. A detached person is a loving person (1980-0727); You are at a stage where you have to detach yourself from matter (1980-0927)

When Sahastrara is open, you learn one thing… detachment… it just happens, that you get detached… you see everyone… you watch… you know… you are close to… but you are a detached person… it is a state of mind that you achieve when your Sahastrara is open… in that state you are dealing with people, with problems, with situations… but you are not involved in it… there is no involvement. The greatest thing about this detachment is that you are not affected (1998-0510)

Unless and until you develop detachment, the deeper powers of Mahalakshmi do not come up… for example, even in the smaller things, like… having connection with me… even that one… is to be a detached thing… even to say Aarti… or to do something to come forward, that ‘I’ have to do it… even to invite me to dinner… or any small thing, that ‘I’ should do it… is also an attachment… if it works out, well and good… if it does not work out, well and good. You must say that… ‘Mother, you come’… but if I cannot come, there should not be the slightest feeling of unhappiness… but should be accepted. This detachment has to be developed for your Mahalakshmi power… then, you go beyond (1980-0127.2)

This feeling that you have, that only if you ‘feel’ for another person you can help them, is a kind of an attachment… it doesn’t help. So to have detachment in no way means that you do not feel for the other person… you do feel… you feel the agony of that person, the trouble of that person, of the whole society sometimes, and of the whole country… but that feeling is so detached, that the All Pervading Power takes over (1998-0510)

First we must have full faith in the ability of this All Pervading Power… as soon as you are detached, you say ‘you do it’… finished… once you say that, the whole thing changes completely, because you transfer all your responsibilities, all your problems to this Divine Power, which is so powerful, which is so capable, which can work out anything (1998-0510); But whenever you think that ‘you’ are going to solve this problem, ‘you’ are going to do it, then alright the Divine Power says ‘alright, try your luck’… but if you can really put this problem to the Divine Power, it will work out (1998-0510)

You should not get stuck into anything… if you are detached, then everything works out very well. But if you are attached, you just get worries and problems… your life becomes miserable… but if you become detached, then nature takes over… and you feel extremely relaxed (1995-0625); This detachment, you can just practice… that you can see yourself in the mirror… and know that you are not this reflection that you see… but that you are much more than this reflection is (1995-0625)

So if you develop a detachment through thoughtless awareness… God will take over… he will do your work… you should have faith in God… that he’s Almighty… he does everything… he looks after everything… why should we worry… this is a very good way of life… is not to worry. You have gone beyond now… beyond time… beyond the three gunas… beyond thought… so whatever you have been doing, through your thought waves, and your mind… you stop it. So one should be prepared to surrender completely… absolutely… to the Will of God (1995-0625)

Jai Shri Mataji

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