Devi the


The Devi

The Devi… the Goddess… the Adi Shakti (1989-1008.1); The Mantra for the Devi, for the Adi Shakti is “Om Twamewa Sakshat Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namaha”, and may sometimes be said in this short form. It is said in this short form, in order to establish the Mother as the Devi. It may be said 7 times (1979-1009.1); The Kavach… is the bandhan… or protection of the Mother, the Devi (1992-0000); The photo of the Devi’s Feet is the strongest for correcting problems (1984-1005)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1989-1008.1 Destroy those demons within, Margate – see 1989-1008 good 45 1979-1009.1 Maintaining purity of S Yoga/Where… stand in Sahaja Yoga 1984-1005 Farewell to Mother – Chelsham Road good 50

1992-0000 Diwali Puja, Rumania

– end – 10 Nov 2002