Dharma Yuda


Dharma Yuda

Means the war of religion… but not the way people are fighting it. Our Dharma Yuda is that we are standing on dharma… and dharma means not religion, but it is ‘Vishwa Nirmala Dharma’. There’s a negativity… we can call it Adharma, which is fighting… so you stand on your Dharma… unless and until you are dharmic, you cannot have any achievements in Sahaja Yoga (2001-0321)

There is a war going on between the Divine, and the Satanic Forces (known as Devils, Rakshasas, Asuras) who have come in the garb of religion, as the false gurus, the so called God-men and God-women, to demolish the Kingdom of God in the hearts of human beings. And this at the time when we are about to achieve our ultimate goal – to enter the Kingdom of God. These Satanic forces have gone into the minds of the seekers. We cannot see them, or understand just how dangerous they are. But we have to fight them, and for this we must be courageous and cheerful, wise and centred, without feelings of guilt – full of enthusiasm and valour (1980-0630); We are on a warpath. There is no time to waste on holidays, family etc. – ask for wisdom (1985-0408); We fight not with a sword, but with a shield (1986-0305); Today the war is within ourselves, not without… we are not realising how it is building up within ourselves… for example cancer is the physical war within ourselves (1980-0809)

You have to do the work of God, you have to fight the anti-God elements, the satanic elements… now, the forces are gathering in such a way that the sorting out will start. You are not responsible for your families any more. Your responsibility is to yourself, to be the Spirit… your responsibility is to Sahaja Yoga, is to understand Mother better, is to understand this mechanism within you, how it works out everything, to understand how to become the Guru yourself, how to be a dignified and a glorified personality, to be a respectable person, and not a cheap personality. Everyone of you is worth the whole Universe – if you want to rise to that height, to that magnitude, it is within you to prosper – but those people who still want to live on a very low level cannot (1982-1219)

In these modern times you must know that all these evil things are also lingering in your heads little bit, here and there. So the Sahaja Yogis which are today here, have to realise that all these things are surrounding us… and these evil forces are also there. There are some within us… some are without… so it looks to be a very difficult task… but it’s not… because one condition, if you can understand… is that you have to recognise me. I know, I’m Mahamaya… I’m really very clever at it… but I’m truthful… but still I’m Mahamaya… so to recognise me what should we do… if we recognise, then you are protected. And the cleansing is the simplest thing in Sahaja Yoga… is to be collective. If you are not collective… then know that something wrong with you… if you are collective… if you are enjoying the collective, then you should know that you are clean… no blemish is there… you are absolutely alright (1991-1013)

Now the second part of this Mahamaya business… I had to be very close to you… I had to be extremely close… to talk to you… to have a rapport… to tell you everything about Sahaja Yoga… to make you absolutely aware of yourself. This had to be done… and with all these complications within your mind… within your heart… within your body… I had to work it out. To come close in the real form would have been very dangerous… so one had to be a Mahamaya. But despite that, if you could recognise me… to understand me… that I am Divine Personality… an Incarnation… that’s all the Deities want. Then they’ll look after you in every way (1991-1013)

So the problem today is very delicate – there are no absolute Saints… there are no absolute bad people… such a mixture… a confusion – that is what this Kali Yuga is… these modern times are. The only way to get rid of them is to surrender… that’s the only way… there is no other way out… because when you surrender… the spirits, the negativity, the satanic forces just disappear. They have no interest in a person who is surrendered to God. They cannot surrender. If they surrender… they’ll also become Saints. All the time to think… ‘what are my catches… what are my negativities’ is not going to help you… just surrender all these ideas that are coming to you… and you will find that all absurd ideas will run away. This is the easiest way to get rid of your problems… is just to surrender (1980-1019)

The growth will only come when the surrendering comes… and one has to know that the powers are tremendous… it is beyond your conception… outwardly you cannot understand. Under such circumstances… the best thing is to surrender yourself – now what do you surrender… is your ego and your superego (1980-1019); You have to receive the Blessings… and to receive the Blessings, you have to just surrender… it is so simple… the easiest way to solve all your problems is to surrender… just say… ‘I surrender’… for Realised Souls, this should be their mantra (1980-1019)

Also, as you are Realised Souls, all the Divine forces… all the Divine Deities… all the Eternal Beings, Chirenjivas… all the Angels and Ganas… all of them are looking after you… but they know one thing… those who are surrendered… and those who are not. You just surrender the problem… and you will be surprised… the answer will come in such a miracle. Just surrender… do not take any responsibility upon yourself… just surrender… because… how far can ‘you’ go in the solution… up to your rationality… beyond that you are your Spirit… and the Spirit is connected to the Divine… so best is to surrender (1980-1019)

In a prediction from an astrologer Bhrigumuni, it is said that there might be a third world war… but that the great incarnation who is also predicted, will interfere; There is a danger of a third world war, and it is inevitable, but it may be avoided, if people develop love for each other with this Mahayoga (1982-0130)

Because of the atom bomb, which is very protective, nobody can think of having a big war now. Even the cold war will gradually stop, when they are fed up (1983-0113); War does one good thing sometimes… that people get out of the materialistic attitude. Lots of bad things are there… but this one thing I have seen… when the war shakes a man… he thinks ‘what’s the value of all these things I’ve been fighting for’. But if you get Niraananda… after that you don’t want to have any joy from material gains… from material things… you just do not want (1985-0502)

War is absolutely like madness… even animals won’t fight like that… you are even worse than animals when you think of war and killing each other… this should not be done, and it has to be stopped completely. Nobody has right to kill anybody unless and until he is attacked (2000-0423)


So now you have become dharmatit… means you have entered into the Kingdom of God… into the Virata’s conditions… and there your condition is such, your state is such that you are dharma… if you try to do Adharma, you suffer… if you try to do wrong you suffer… I don’t have to tell you to be righteous… there’s no need… I don’t have to tell you to tell the truth… or don’t steal… I don’t have to tell you all these things. You will follow Christ… or Krishna… automatically… sahaj. You become the dharma of Virat… now what is the dharma of the Virat… of Shri Krishna… is collectivity (1986-0823)

When the attention goes to the Spirit, you become Dharmatit, that is beyond dharma, beyond your human nature – whatever you do is religious… whatever is your endeavour, it is religious, is done in a religious manner. Dharma becomes part and parcel of you – you just don’t do wrong things, and you don’t have to follow any disciplines of dharma (1998-0321)


Lacking in righteousness, or dharma (1980-0727; 1978-1005); Mother Earth can punish us if we do adharmic things – for example earthquakes, hurricanes etc. (1979-0422); Adharmic things would include such things as cabarets, adultery, undignified behaviour, alcohol, wrong Gurus, reading bad books, fanaticism, denouncing religions, materialism etc. (1978-1005)

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– end – 17 Mar 2003