Righteousness (1996-0910); Religion (1985-0806); The central energy or power (1981-0330); Dharma gives you the balance, the establishment into proper behaviour, into proper understanding, into proper living, but it doesn’t give you the completion of your journey (1987-1219); We have a dharma of a wife, of a husband, of a member of society… all of them have their own dharmas. Shri Krishna says ‘leave them… leave them to me, and I’ll manage’… this we have to learn… is to say that it is the Divine Power which will solve our problems. This is for human beings a very difficult state, and this state can only be achieved through meditation (1998-0510)

There are ten dharmas, the Ten Commandments, in the Void area within us, looked after by the ten Primordial Masters. It is our ‘attitude towards others’, other people, their things, their wives, daughters etc. This is all ‘related to others’… is dharma… is completely without rationality, is simply to be accepted. Fanaticism is against dharma (1978-1005)

As I have said many a times… there are ten valencies that human beings have got… but apart from that, there are many dharmas. Like the first dharma is your love for humanity. But you start with Shri dharma, the dharma of the woman, how she should live… get married… look after her children… and what should be her behaviour. Then there is Patni dharma, the wife’s dharma, and how she looks nice… if she gives up her dharma, then she is a prostitute. Then is Pati dharma, how should be a husband, how should he behave towards his family, how he should pay attention to his wife, to the whole entire family, the whole you can say ‘Pariwar’… all the relations and everyone… that is his dharma. Beyond that is the Satya dharma, how much he sticks to truth. Then is the dharma of Creativity… and then we have also of politics, Rajkara dharma. Now we also have Rashtra dharma… is that of your country… when you have to fight for your country you should… but you should not be aggressive on another country… it’s not right to dominate other countries… nor you should bring bad name to your country… it’s very important (1997-1102)

When we are enlightened, we automatically become dharmic. If someone drinks some water that has been vibrated, that person also becomes dharmic. In the West, we observe five of these dharmas, and in India are observed the other five – so we each are lacking some (1978-1005); The five left side dharmas are corrected by taking vibrated salt, and the five right side dharmas are corrected by taking vibrated sugar (1978-1005)

If there’s a tradition of dharma… then what happens… that the fat cells in our stomach get the experience… get charmed with the sense of virtue, of righteousness, of goodness, of innocence. Also, with the Kundalini awakening… your dharma is ‘built in’ – and your cells are charmed by that… and so you use that power to enlighten your brain, which surrounds actually as auras your heart. But if that is not so… it’s like a dead… another cell going in the head… and then experiences in dirty things… in doing something that is destructive (1985-0310)

Adharmic things would include such things as cabarets, adultery, undignified behaviour, alcohol, wrong Gurus, reading bad books, fanaticism, denouncing religions, materialism etc. (1978-1005)

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– end – 13 Apr 2003