Should not make you weak. Diarrhoea is important sometimes… to cleanse you out… it’s important; It is alright because it is a parasympathetic activity… it’s cleansing you see; Some of you have had some Gurus, and that’s why also the void acts very fast… it must be the first time of visiting (to India – Ed), and then with this Guru trouble, the void must be showing off; Diarrhoea, if you get it

20 times, that’s sick; With diarrhoea and also vomiting… it’s the drugs, and bad Gurus, and things, that spoil your void, and when you come to Sahaja Yoga it comes out in this way. Let it be, it’s better; After Puja if it’s happening, it’s very good… it should happen after Puja (1988-1221); Is a left side problem (1983-0209)

Dahi… used in the night, won’t be good… in the morning is alright… but buttermilk is better than Dahi… it’s much more soothing… there’s nothing like it; Coffee just stops it, but it’s not very sensible to give a shock to your system… coffee is not a curative, it just stops diarrhoea… but it’s better to let it be cleansed out… unless and until you are absolutely very weak. There is also something called ‘Electrol’ that you can get (in India – Ed) (1988-1221)

For those who are in the centre, their main disease is in their excretion… and their all kinds of vomiting… if they eat at a place where they should not have eaten… or if they eat a wrong type of food or a wrong type of liquid… they have to immediately go and vacate it… either they’ll vomit, or they’ll have diarrhoea (1983-0209)

Ajwain Dhuni… you all should have it, it’s a very good thing, ajwain. Also those who are having diarrhoea can have it, it’s alright… it just clears you out completely; Mango juice is not so good for people who have diarrhoea – the Indians know… that it’s very hot, and creates heat in the stomach, though it’s very tasty; Milk… can give you diarrhoea; You people take too much tea… it’s very injurious for the intestines… so much tea… is very wrong… plus milk with it… milk gives you diarrhoea. Limit your tea taking… or if you have to take many cups of tea, see that it is a very light tea. Water should be increased… more of water, less of tea; If you see how much our Mother takes tea… She may even take 10 cups… just to please us, but no sugar and no milk (1988-1221)

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Chakras affected: Left Side; Void

– end – 28 Jun 2003