Sahaja Yoga should be in the centre. There is a difference between childish and childlike… you can be innocent like a child, but you’re matured… and both the things make a special dignified personality of such a person. All these things come from this Right side power, when you use it properly. Unless and until you have this established, you cannot impress other people by your behaviour. Other people, new people who come to you should see this majesty… this royalty within you… which you are enjoying as a blessing from God Almighty (1981-0511)

Live with your dignity… cheapish things, frivolous things, useless things should not be there (1986-0504); We have to understand our own dignity, and the first thing is to understand that Sahaja Yogis are the ones that God has chosen. When you are chosen the first, you must also realise that you are the foundations – you have to be strong… and forbearing. Sahaja Yogis are the first lamps… that are going to enlighten other lamps in the world (1976-0330); Pratishta (1980-0102)

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– end – 20 Apr 2003