Disciple Principle


Disciple Principle

The Primordial Disciple Principle within us is there so that we can receive the dharma, and when we do, it then becomes the Guru Principle. The Disciple Principle is represented by the Sun and the Moon, and presided over by Shri Buddha and Mahavira. Is within the Void area (1978-1005)

These two disciple elements, were first born to Shri Ram and Shri Sita, as Luv and Kush. They were born many times after that, as Buddha and Mahavira, as Adi Shankaracharya and Kabira, as Hassan and Hussein – the grandsons of the Prophet. They have been incarnating, saying to the people, that ‘this is extreme, leave it… and come again in the centre, be in the centre… be the perfect disciple’ (1979-0530)

The disciples are the conveyance of the Guru (1981-1103); The disciple has to have a strict discipline, if he is to become the Guru (1984-0906); Before now, disciples remained as disciples, and there was no need to grow so as to become Gurus. Now it is different, and it is necessary to know, to learn what to do. There are 16 stages to cross, to become the Guru (1982-1101)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1978-1005 Dharma [+ further 30 mins – Qual. not good] good 40

1979-0530 A Higher Life – A World of Bliss and Joy – Caxton Hall good 55 1982-1101 Self Mastery, Guru Nanak’s Birthday – London (C120) good 105

– end – 12 Apr 2003