Sahaja discipline is… that which is done for the benevolence of another’s and one’s own ascent (1989-0814.1); You should not be strict, or discipline too much in the ashrams… because you are Realised Souls; The Spirit gives the light… and so you can see so clearly… and so can discipline yourselves (1998-0321); You have to be your own Guru… this means that you have to be strict with ‘yourself’ (1991-0728); After Realisation you have to be disciplined people (1985-0629)

And now, what is the subtle point of the right side… is… discipline… not the artificial military or regimented discipline… but the inner discipline – is the good behaviour… like what time you get up in the morning… how we greet the morning… that special time, when the Sun throws it’s real rays of Divinity. By discipline, I mean… a certain amount of respect for yourself… like, not to jabber too much… or like, some people go without bathing the body, for months together… or if say, you like to see pornographic books… then you have no respect for yourself (1978-1002)

Without doing anything… without saying anything, you got your Realisation… you got it Sahaj… in a very simple manner… you didn’t do anything about it… absolutely Sahaj… so you have no business to be harsh, horrible, hot tempered or strict gurus. But it crawls up, I have seen sometimes… quite a lot of military business starts… in Sahaja Yoga also… that cannot be… no disciplining is needed. The way we deal with others is… by… kindness… sweetness… concern… that’s what your Mother has given… concern (1992-0719)

Tape References:

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– end – 27 Dec 2002