So it comes to the discretion how to use your Ida Nadi and Pingala Nadi and discretion to understand what is good and what is bad… what is good for you… what is benevolent… what is good for the collective… what is good for your ascent (1988-0710)

Intelligence cannot give you discretion as far as the conditioning is concerned… discretion of the Ida Nadi is Intuition… if you develop that discretion within you, through your meditative powers, you develop Intuition… and Intuition is nothing but is the help of the Ganas which are surrounding you… if you learn to take help from the Ganas, you can become very intuitive. Of the whole of Sahaja Yoga, I would say 50% of that is based on intuition… and for that you have to develop a proper sense of Shri Ganesha. Ganesha is Ganapati… the master… the chief of all the Ganas – so the Ganas give you intuition (1988-0710)

Then, acceptance will give you a wonderful discretion over your ego. Whatever goes wrong… it’s alright… accept it. Supposing you are lost on the way… you should not think like all other people… but think… why… Hanumana must have brought me here for some purpose… accept it… accept the situation. When you accept the situation, you are playing into the hands of the Deities… who are guiding you (1988-0710)

And above all, the vibrations part, which you have to see… if you do something… and if the vibrations are going down, then of course… ‘I’m a Sahaja Yogi… to me vibrations are my ascent’ – is the most important thing. So to develop discretion on the right hand side, you have to know your goals, your destination… you must know on what path you are standing… where you are brought… where are you today… you are not like other people. That kind of a discretion you develop within yourself… for that you need pure intelligence (1988-0710)

On one side we have the help of Shri Krishna, to give us the discretion… and on the other we have Christ… in between is placed this Hamsa. So we have two great Incarnations within us, who are the embodiment of discretion… Shri Krishna who looks after the conditioning side of it… and Christ who… looks after the ego side of it (1988-0710)

Now for Sahaja Yogis, it is important to understand that they have to work out their discretion in a manner that they develop their intuition… I would say the first part would be the intuition… try… experiment… but, going to extremes of everything is wrong in Sahaja Yoga… you have to do everything in moderation… like putting your attention to nonsensical things makes your vibrations absolutely disappear… so with discretion you must have common sense… practical sense (1988-0710)

To improve the discretion… we take vibrated ghee or butter, which is heated up… and put it in the nose. But before that we gargle… with salt… which represents the Guru principle… because… when the principles of Shri Krishna plus the principle of Guru are mixed… the two get integrated, and then the collectivity starts… and as a result of that you get Discretion (1985-0502)

Discretion is higher than debating (1983-0512)… if you want your Spirit to be happy, if you want to keep your attention happy, then keep the attention integrated with your ‘being’, not with your ego… this is where discretion comes in; Also you have your vibrations there to teach you discretion… better check yourself, and nobody else (1980-1116)

Now… one has to learn… the Mariadas… means the boundaries of your relationships. Shri Rama is known for his boundaries… he doesn’t cross the limit… in everything… discretion of the heart should be there. Now there is no word for discretion of the heart in English language… which is Mariada… discretion of the heart is… how far to go (1982-0402)

Those people who are obedient to me are very powerful Sahaja Yogis… you know that… and those who are not, go down very fast. I have seen those who are disobedient, who don’t listen to me, who are rude to me, who do not understand the protocol… go down very much in Sahaja Yoga… because what is lacking in you is the discretion, the Mariada… how far to go. You have to be powerful people and the power of a person increases by putting Mariadas – supposing you have wheat, and you spread it, it will spread all over and anybody, birds will come and eat it up… it will be finished. But if you put it in a sack, it will have a weight… it will have a size… it will rise in height… is useful… and it will have respect. But the thing that is all spread all over will never be respected. Nothing works out without Mariadas… you have to keep your Mariadas. All our ideas of freedom are to be bound by Mariadas… if the freedom has no Mariadas, it is abandonment… it is a nonsense… it is not going to help (1982-0402)

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