Sahaja Yogis are Realised Souls, are knowledgeable. You are different to others. Not to put down or discard anyone, but to know that they are not the same as you are. They have to become like you… they can become like you. They are not your enemies… they can come to this side… but, they are not the same as you are. This must come into you so that collectivity becomes strong. So discretion is very important. One of the very great basics for our growth is to discriminate. Trust Sahaja Yogis… a Sahaja Yogi is your brother, your sister, your companion, is everything… (1980-1116)

We must discriminate between good and bad… if you cannot do that, then you will be in trouble; Do not sympathise with negative people. Negative people will always sit together, and egoists will also sit together, because they can talk to each other better. Be careful… be on the watch out… where are we sitting… between the negatives or the over positives… where are we… we have to be in the centre… we must discriminate and find out what is happening (1987-1220)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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1987-1220 Attention on quality – India 87/88

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