Many new diseases started in the last 25 years (i.e. since around the middle of the 20th century) (1983-0127); Sickness comes if there is something wrong in the ‘Principle’, that builds up the human being. Basically there are two principles which affect the body, and the third principle affects the evolution – the first principle of the left sided… if it is in danger then we develop lots of diseases due to lethargic organs… but the right sided people have a very overactive personality, and have overactive organs (1983-0209)

Disease… is the exhaustion on all the centres – because they are the underlying forces of all the plexuses that we have – when they get exhausted, the plexuses get exhausted… then we develop diseases… physical, mental and emotional (1979-0608.1); If there is sickness, it means that there is something wrong – if one is working for God, then one must be healthy (1979-0416); There will be no problems with health, if the centres are cleared (1979-0507)

Doctors only know the physical side of human beings. So the problem you have… doctors will say there is nothing wrong with you… until it manifests it’s physical side… so if there is any problem… we will know first… and doctors will know much later – maybe it will be so difficult that they may not be able to do anything about it (1981-0511); There are many doctors in Sahaja Yoga, and they have seen with their own experiences that many patients who were supposed to be incurable are cured. Many drug addicts got right overnight, without paying for it, and without taking any medicines… just through their own power of Kundalini (1998-0705)

I found there were people who got cured of many diseases… but most of them got lost. Some of them, who were drug addicts gave up drug addiction… drinking, also they gave up… and smoking they gave up. I never said a word, that you give up this, or give up that – I knew that once the Kundalini rises, they will… automatically give up… and it happened. And that’s how people became so clean, so beautiful, and started enjoying their life. Christ cured twenty one people… I don’t know how many thousands have been cured by Sahaja Yoga (2000-0507)

The antibodies… called ‘Ganas’ in Sanskrit… are under the control of the sternum bone, by which they are produced, and fight off ‘attacks’, or diseases… are ultimately under the control of the ‘Centre Heart’ chakra (MME)… where til the age of twelve years, we develop our antibodies… which later on in life go into the whole body… into the circulation and fight our diseases… and… fight our emotions (1979-0722); If you are having compassion for others… then you don’t catch – you catch because you don’t have compassion. A mother never gets a disease from her child… she’ll never get a disease from her child… it’s a fact. In the same way… when you really ‘love’… you’ll never catch anything (.0011)

In Russia, the scientists are very open hearted… the scientists at the time of Stalin, were all arrested, and whilst in confinement they developed the subtler side, and discovered about the auras that human beings have, and from these auras that you could diagnose their diseases. One scientist there has said that he has proved it, that you have to go to a physical vacuum state, which Jung has described as thoughtless awareness, for Reality to be understood (1998-0705)

The left sided person, the Tamoguni… get lots of psychosomatic diseases (1998-0712); Imbalances of the Left Swadisthan can result in lethargic organs, resulting in: allergies of the skin (liver), nervous problems, cancer and leukaemia (1984-0313); A lethargic liver gives you allergies… all kinds of allergies come to people through their lethargic livers (1983-0209); Diseases that may result from lethargic organs, include: cirrhosis; rashes; allergies etc (1983-0131); Organs can be lethargic if we eat too much carbohydrate type of food – in which case, we should take more proteins. There is no harm in taking meat (1983-0131); Those who have lethargic temperament… have a left side imbalance, develop clots in their blood, and low blood pressure… and these clots can cause paralysis… on the left hand side (1983-0209; 1983-0129)

Left side diseases include: emotional problems and misery, fearfulness and nervousness, schizophrenia, colds, diarrhoea, lethargic hearts, swellings in the body, gout, troubles of the joints, lethargic livers resulting in allergies, blindness with the eyes open, cancer, muscular dystrophy, osteomyelitis, poliomyelitis, tuberculosis, blood clots, paralysis caused by blood clots, low blood pressure (1983-0209); Sinus is a left side problem (1980-0517.2)

The Collective Subconscious… is a very dangerous zone. If you go to a guru who practices the left side, or take to clairvoyance, i.e. to someone who uses dead spirits, then you can get all sorts of diseases including cancer (1983-0302); Tantrikas… which is the misuse of the Kundalini (1992-0621)… and are those who control dead spirits… are very bad, and lead to incurable diseases (1983-0129)

When you enter into the Collective Subconscious… any one of these spirits… these busy bodies… can catch hold of you… and once they catch hold of you, you are liable for any of these diseases. Especially, I have seen… if there’s a possessed person of course… they become mad… they get epilepsy… all these are possessed people. Epilepsy can be cured… all such mental problems, depression… can be cured… it’s not difficult at all… but one must know that if you are possessed, you must really work it out… and see to it that it goes away from you… and that you become your Self. Multiple Sclerosis…a disease of the left side… so far I have seen three cases in England, which have been cured by Sahaja Yoga… and all of them had either the wife or husband possessed (1982-1008)

Those who go headlong into wrong paths may suffer from funny heart troubles, palpitations, insomnia, vomiting, giddiness, irrelevant talking etc. It is very serious to go to wrong gurus (1983-0204); Amongst their followers, diseases like cancers, leukaemia, psychosomatic problems, madness, can occur, and can lead to Ekadesha Rudra problems (1983-0129); The jumping from one Guru to another… and which has disturbed the Kundalini, is very wrong. All these Gurus give diseases, like cancers, and the Kundalini gets damaged. Even the private parts get damaged by these Gurus (1979-0530); Guru shopping is a fashion… is nothing deep… is a fashion (1986-0707.1)

Sahaja Yoga has one problem in the West… that people don’t want to hear that you should be moral… they find it very difficult… but it’s a fundamental thing that we have to be moral people. Now they are seeing the results of it… that they have got AIDS… they have got all these diseases… all these troubles – from that they are learning that our Mooladhara should be alright (1989-0617.1); A catch at the left Mooladhara is a very dangerous thing (1985-0806); All incurable diseases come from disturbances in the Mooladhara – e.g. myelitis, cancers, schizophrenia etc. Diseases that can result from Mooladhara problems include: multiple sclerosis; muscular dystrophy; some cancers; some schizophrenias; Aids and some stupidity (1990-0828; 1986-0907)

Sin against the Mother… the problem in the West… is an insult to the Mother Power of God (1983-0131)… the biggest sin of modern times… which is immorality, and which produces cancer which is also heat producing, and is also called the ‘Sin against the Goddess’. Results in psychosomatic, or physical diseases, such as Aids, cancer etc… with delayed punishment (1994-1009; 1983-0113.2); Such things as perverted sex habits, alcohol, drugs, internal stress from anxiety or fear of oppression (MME); Is not difficult for you to get out of it. Attention is to be kept pure. If the attention is not pure, then there will always be attacks by any nonsensical thing which has no meaning in your ascent (1982-1219)

Organs can be Active type, if we eat too much protein type food – in which case we should take more of vegetarian foods (1983-0131); Supposing you are a right sided person, then what happens to you… you become overactive. Overactivity gives you fatigue… gives you all kinds of diseases… such a person is very speedy… he cannot sit in one place for two minutes, all the time jumping, and he creates problems for himself and his family. This is Rajoguna. The Rajoguni has an opinion of his own about everything… he goes on forcing it onto others. But if you see his own life, he is a complete misery… he cannot carry on with people… he cannot talk to people, and there is a very big gap between himself, his Spirit, and his being (1998-0712); On a full moon day, we are overactive, even in the sleep state. As the moon grows, the activity starts, in the night also (1982-1101)

When ego develops too much, you become Ekadesha Rudra problem (1980-0907), and is one of the greatest hurdles to the Kundalini entering the Sahastrara (1983-0204); Problems with Ekadesha Rudra… (if we think I am OK, I can look after myself, I don’t believe in God…), and which come from Right side of void with right side diseases like heart attacks. The cure for problems with Ekadesha Rudra is to give up wrong ideas, and wrong Gurus, and by accepting that Sahaja Yoga is the only way; Beat with shoes (1983-0204; 1984-0916; 1997-0316)

Right side diseases include: aggressive ego, hot tempered and obnoxious, overtalkativeness in old age, overactive hearts, palpitations, asthma, constipation, cirrhosis of the liver, unhealthy skin which is sallow, diabetes, leukaemia, kidney problems, high blood pressure, uterus troubles, barrenness in women, digestive troubles, paralysis caused by brain damage and overdevelopment of Mr ego (1983-0209); Heart Attack… can result from too much right side activity (1987-0500)

I feel the whole West suffers from one simple disease… that is they do not know how to respect anyone… with their ego, they want to judge everyone, and condemn everyone… so get out of it, and tell yourself ‘I don’t know anything’ – don’t think that you know everything… respect each and every person… not for what he has read, or what he has learnt, but because he is a great Soul; Respect every Sahaja Yogi from your heart, because they are made in the form of Shri Ganesha – we’ll not make fun of them… we’ll not laugh at them

– as long as they’re in Sahaja Yoga, we have to respect (1984-0902)

For those who are in the centre, their main disease is in their excretion… and their all kinds of vomiting… if they eat at a place where they should not have eaten… or if they eat a wrong type of food or a wrong type of liquid… they have to immediately go and vacate it… either they’ll vomit, or they’ll have diarrhoea. Other problems they may develop include: swellings on the body, arthritis or pain in the joints, low breathing, low blood pressure, temporary tiredness, throat troubles, drying up of the liquid in the body, headaches and pressures on the sides of the head, all these from fighting the negativity in the persons they are with (1983-0209)

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