Divine Power


Divine Power

You must have full faith in the ability of this All Pervading Power

– as soon as you are detached, and you say ‘you’ do it… finished… once you say that, the whole thing changes completely, because you transfer all your responsibilities, all your problems to this Divine Power, which is so powerful, which is so capable, which can work out anything (1998-0510); But whenever you think that ‘you’ are going to solve this problem, ‘you’ are going to do it, then alright the Divine Power says ‘alright, try your luck’… but if you can really put this problem to the Divine Power, it will work out (1998-0510)

You must believe that there is Divine Power… it thinks, understands, it organises… above all it loves you. This Divine Power has to be understood… that it is now your own, and that you are in the realm of this Divine Power, where you won’t have any problems whatsoever… if you leave things to the Divine Power, it will all work out. It is something to be understood very well… that the power within you… what you have… understands… and understands you also. It is in a way a power which is your own power, but you cannot control it. It knows about you… whenever you are falling… when you are doing wrong – the same power which protects and loves you like a mother, will correct you and bring you to the right path (1998-0712)

I can’t understand people using their rationality to understand Sahaja Yoga… how can you understand this great power with your limited rationality. I can explain to an ant about your politics… but I cannot tell you how this Divine Power works. I was asked one day to what extent it goes… to what dimensions… it is infinite… you cannot calculate… if you put two mirrors facing each other, and put some object in between, you cannot calculate how many reflections you will get. Even that… you see… but you cannot calculate… and here I’m talking about something that does all that… which creates all this. You cannot calculate all the molecules and the atoms of one element… but I’m talking about somebody who has created them… and who in every molecule pulsates (1980-0721)

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– end – 20 Jun 2003