The reason why we have dreams is that the Unconscious within us, the Atma or the Kundalini is trying to guide us to the right path – and this it does through dreams. But these are misunderstood, because we are confused. When we are sleeping we go to the depth of the Sushupti level, and there touch the Unconscious, but when we come out, we touch our Subconscious or maybe the Supraconscious, and this confuses whatever experience we may have had at the Sushupti level, with other things connected to our sub or Supraconscious, and we don’t remember, or don’t understand, and we forget it. A Realised Soul goes to the Sushupti and sees exactly what he has to know (1983-0203)

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1983-0203 Agnya Chakra – Delhi (+ Q&A: 22 mins) good 55

– end – 17 Jun 2003