Drugs can be right sided or left sided… LSD and all these, take you to the right… Supraconscious areas… where you can see the auras and things like that… where you start seeing things, and becomes disintegrated (1982-1007; 1981-1005)… and the left side stuff is like Hashish… which make you miserable afterwards… you laugh and laugh, and then you become emotional – all these things are imaginary… they are not Reality… Reality is in the centre… is in the present (1982-1007)

Cocaine… is a right sided drug… 15 million people are taking cocaine, in America; People taking cocaine can be cured (1985-0528); Strong things like ‘Crack’ which have within them sulphur dioxide, which does not go anywhere, but just rushes into the limbic area, has a strong affect on the Sahastrara. The limbic area is a hollow space having within it cells sensitive to joy and happiness. These cells now become numb, and so ordinary music cannot be heard – it becomes necessary to shout and scream, but as soon as the Kundalini enters the limbic area, She soothes it down (1989-0801)

Wherever they are using all kinds of black magic, and producing all kinds of drugs… if you do all these things to harm people, then Mother Earth gets into volcanic conditions and volcanoes start bursting out (1986-0803); In places… where there may be all sorts of black magic, or drugs or witchcraft, or false gurus or all kinds of devilish things, then the Mother Earth gets into volcanic conditions, and her anger can be so great, that she can destroy thousands of miles; The eruptions harm collectively, and sometimes some innocent people are also killed in that (1986-0803)

The modern curses in the West are worse (than the ones in India

Ed)… because they are not ‘troublesome’ at all… on the contrary they show as if you are on top of the world, as if you are very successful, and your attitude is… ‘what’s wrong’; The industrial revolution has already cursed us… we are eating food from tins… our milk is from hybrid animals… we have divorce, drugs… then our job or our business is the most important for us, and also things like putting colour in your hair, sitting in the Sun burning your skin, behaving indecently, indecorously – that seems to be the modern thing. What’s wrong… nothing is wrong, just you go to hell that’s all… just take 2 running jumps and go to hell… but leave Sahaja Yoga (1988-0106); In England, all the seekers are lost by drugs, hippyism… all such nonsense (1998-0510)

Diarrhoea… should not make you weak. Diarrhoea is important sometimes… to cleanse you out… it’s important; It is alright because it is a parasympathetic activity… it’s cleansing you see; With diarrhoea and also vomiting… it’s clearing out… that’s good for you… it’s the drugs, and bad Gurus, and things, that spoil your void, and when you come to Sahaja Yoga it comes out in this way. Let it be, it’s better; After Puja if it’s happening, it’s very good… it should happen after Puja (1988-1221); Can be cured by saying: “Mother, You are my Guru” (1980-0727), or by saying the mantra for the Adi Guru (1980-0517.2); Like… drinking too much is against dharma… taking drugs… telling lies about other people… stealing… killing somebody… are against dharma… all these 10 commandments. So when you try to disobey them… and go on disobeying all the time… then it works that way… so be careful about your dharma (0.0012)

Many have given up drugs when they got Realisation (1979-0507); I found there were people who got cured of many diseases… but most of them got lost. Some of them, who were drug addicts gave up drug addiction… drinking, also they gave up… and smoking they gave up. I never said a word, that you give up this, or give up that – I knew that once the Kundalini rises, they will automatically give up… and it happened. And that’s how people became so clean, so beautiful, and started enjoying their life. Christ cured twenty one people… I don’t know how many thousands have been cured by Sahaja Yoga (2000-0507)

There are many doctors in Sahaja Yoga, and they have seen with their own experiences that many patients who were supposed to be incurable are cured. Many drug addicts got right overnight, without paying for it, and without taking any medicines… just through their own power of Kundalini (1998-0705); There are no ‘don’ts’ in Sahaja Yoga – there is no need to say ‘don’t take drugs…’ etc. Automatically they drop out (e.g. drinks, drugs, prostitution etc.) (1998-0320); We don’t say “don’t”, because half the people will run away… but it just happens to you. And you save money because you are not wasting it on anything, because there are no drugs… no smoking… and no drinking (1998-0705)

The Nabhi can be upset by alcohol, drugs and some medicines also. In the centre of this chakra is the Lakshmi, by which we have balance, and a sense of satisfaction, and exert no pressure on others. The Lotus is the symbol of this centre, being pink (the symbol of love), fragrant, soft and receptive to all that is harsh and crude (1981-0328); In the Supraconscious, they saw so many things… they saw the chakras… they saw Vishnu… Garuda… you can see stars… you can know about stars… about astrology… by going to the right side. In the Supraconscious… you can see lots of things… because the Supraconscious area is made of all the elements. But most of them just took to drugs… and they went to that area, where they saw lights, eyes… and this and that. Also even dowsing, for water comes from the same… but you get possessed… and then you are nowhere… you are not yourself… it’s somebody else (1983-1001)

One thing they can do is to put a candle near their left Swadisthan, a little far… and put one candle before the photograph… and put left hand towards the photograph, and right hand on Mother Earth… it works… and the candle at the back should be kept little far away because it makes sound, it goes this way, and that way… it burns. Those who have been taking drugs, not LSD, but other drugs, the drowsy people who feel sleepy, whose brains are destroyed by drugs… all those people can benefit a lot by this… do it every day (1986-0504)

When people take drugs, what they are doing… they are seeking the truth. As you start taking any drug, it creates a habit, and this habit is created by the left side channel… and to make this habit… any habit, alright… the one who is suffering from these habits has to be empowered… and that power is only possible when we become the Spirit (1989-0617.2); You develop habits on the left side… all your habits should be under your control. The habits we have formed through drugs, from drinking are very dangerous habits. Also people have their attention here and there, attracting people… is one of the ways we allow our attention to fritter away… this attention has to be brought under control. When it happens, just point your eyes down, keep your eyes down (1987-1219)

Habits come to us… like, we cannot sit on the ground… these habits should be got rid of… but for that you shouldn’t waste your energy getting rid of these habits… on the contrary, if you put your attention to your Spirit… to what you have achieved… to where you are… gradually you will find your habits will drop out. Like… we have had terrible alcoholics, who could not give up… and they have given up… we had people who have taken drugs… they have given up without difficulty. There are higher vices, and bigger vices which people have given up… and some vices which one cannot mention, that people have given up… and this happens when your attention goes to your Spirit… automatically your detachment works out… means your attention has felt definitely that ‘oneness’ with Reality… otherwise why are you getting detached… but for that it is essential that your attention should be on your Spirit (1978-1002)

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– end – 22 Apr 2003