A drop or two of ghee in each nostril, twice a day, will help the Hamsa, and correct a bad Hamsa, which can result from dryness in the home and at the workplace (1987-0408); Dryness of the throat, may be due to psychological tricks, like ‘I’ll not talk to her, or I’ll not speak’. This type of behaviour can lead to a dryness (1980-0517.2)

People who are in the ‘centre’ may suffer from the drying up of the liquid in the body, if they have to fight the anti-God elements very much… so a kind of dryness can develop in their peritoneum… that’s why it’s nice for them to eat some ghee or butter. They must rub their fingers and hands… with ghee or butter… to soothe it down, because the heat from the other people can make them dried up (1983-0209)

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