This destruction has already started, and is going with full speed I think all over… through the so many things that are happening. We have got hurricanes… storms… earthquakes… many accidents… and so many destructive things are working out… which are the outcome of Kalki incarnation. But at the same time, there is another work going on, of the same incarnation… is the resurrection of the people… such people can never be hurt… nothing can happen to them… they will always be saved… because they are under the protection of their Mother (2000-0206)

The Mother Earth is so innocent… whether you are good or bad, she gives you fruits… she looks after you… of course up to a point… after that she may bring forth some sort of calamity, like an earthquake or something (1993-0721); Human beings have been so stupid to exploit her to the maximum… not only that but she bears lots of nonsense upon herself… but then a time comes where she becomes explosive… she starts consuming people inside her… then you see the earthquakes, the droughts, this and that… people get engulfed (1983-0821)

Mother Earth feels so elated to see her manifestation into these beautiful green trees. She is the one who changes all the seasons. Rutumbhara means the attention which changes the seasons. All the seasons are created by her just to please us. Yet what do we do to please her – we exhaust her, torture her, we take out everything from her, pollute her, do all sorts of nonsensical things… and then she gets angry. Then we get volcanoes, earthquakes, and get all types of things happening… (1983-0723.3)

Why we are suffering in this beautiful planet is because we do not respect what we have to respect the most – Mother Earth is to be respected… meaning that whatever is created on this Mother Earth by the movement of the Earth, by the sea, by all the elements, has to be respected. So to respect the Mother Earth, people do Bhoomi Puja… because if she is not being respected, maybe there could be an earthquake… which means that the Mother Earth understands, knows and acts. It acts in such a manner that human beings don’t understand why such things happen… the understanding of Mother Earth about Saints is very great… she knows who is a Saint… she knows the feet of a Saint. So we should not curse the Mother Earth for any mishaps on this earth… if people are saintly, they will always be protected by Mother Earth… she will always try to give them whatever they want (1997-0525)

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– end – 10 Sep 2002