Easter Egg


Easter Egg

Represents the second birth… Self Realisation (1984-0731); Is linked to that which is written in the Devi Mahatmyam, where it is said that the Goddess created Mahavishnu out of an egg, suggesting the idea of the second birth (1981-0330); Radha, in the Vaikuntha stage, created this great personality of the ‘Son of God’… the greatest of all… this Mahavishnu… who incarnated on this Earth as our Lord Jesus Christ. She created him like an egg, out of which one half was kept as the seed, as Shri Ganesha, as the Spirit… and the other half was created as Jesus Christ. See the symbolism of Easter… like an egg… people knew about it somehow… why do we have Easter Eggs. The egg was nothing but the egg of the Divine Power, which had to manifest this Divine Power on this Earth (1981-1006)

On Easter Day we give an egg… it has the same symbolism… that we are the ‘egg’… and we have to become the bird. So just now, at this stage when we are human beings, we are just limited like an egg… to grow up to a point where you can become the bird. A bird is first born as an egg… and then it grows and matures… and then suddenly it becomes a bird… and that is the parallel of Realisation (1982-0514)

We offer eggs during Easter… but what is the meaning of offering eggs… why should we offer an egg… first of all… because the egg can go into a transformation… it can become a small chick… it can be born again… it has that capacity… so when you get this egg as a symbol of Easter, it means that ‘you’ can become a different person, a reformed person… a great spiritual person you can become. Secondly, if you read the story of the birth of Shri Ganesha… and then you proceed on, you’ll be surprised it’s written that it was called as Brahmanda… means the egg of the Brahma, that came into existence… and half of it became Mahavishnu, means the Christ… and half of it remained as Shri Ganesha (2000-0423)

Tape References

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– end – 28 Jun 2003