Too much of eating is very common in this country (England – Ed)… you all should have fixed portions. Too much eating is very bad… not eating is bad… but little eating is good (1981-0904); For the Hamsa… avoid eating anything that is sharp or sour (MME); One has to be a normal person, eating the right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and fat (1983-0209); When you eat, you don’t understand that this tongue belongs to a Sahaja Yogi… you shouldn’t hanker after anything… like if somebody likes tea, he’ll go on taking 15 cups… that’s no good… or if he’s fond of one sort of food, he won’t take another food. Thinking too much about food all the time… asking for food and organising food all the time… that spoils your Vishuddhi very badly (1980-0127.2)

With eating also there are problems: We can test the tongue, by going on a bland horrible diet, just to test the tongue. Is food important? Is the tongue fussy about food? Does it start watering? To overcome these problems, starve yourself, reduce what you eat by half – your intestines will go down. But don’t think about food. This ‘starving’ is for Westerners, because the people of the East already do regular fasting. For them the correction is to eat. Best day for starving is Thursday, the Guru’s day – and to start with a ½ day (1982-1101)

When we are eating our food… if at that time… we are also reading the newspaper… or, if say we get onto a bicycle with a sandwich in our hand… which is even worse… and we are rushing to work… and, we get so frantic – then in this way… if we are eating our food in such a hurry, and in such franticness… then we are out to get trouble with the spleen… and we can get blood cancer… and among young people is very common. Now if the mother… or the father… is of that temperament… the children might be born with blood cancer; Many cases of blood cancer have been cured… but that is not our job – it happens spontaneously as a by-product of Kundalini awakening (1982-0514)

Once you have used your hands for eating, or your spoon for eating… if it has touched your lips… it is Jhutha… whatever is like that is not to be eaten… once you have eaten something, or touched something with your lips, it is finished, in India. In India, they are very particular about this. In Marathi, it’s called Urtha, and in Sanskrit it’s Utistha. So whatever is like that is not eaten (1984-0118)

Normally one should never eat anything that is kept overnight… but now they have got fridges… so you can keep it for two days, three days at the most (1997-1102)

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