The balloon at the upper end of the right side channel or Pingala Nadi, that gets bloated as a result of those things that make us feel happy (1983-1001), the balloon at the left temple, and round to the front of the head, that gets sucked in, and reduced when we forgive, and thereby creates a space for the Kundalini to pass (1989-0801); The ego is responsible for our funny behaviour towards others. The problem with ego is that people do not find it out til they really suffer badly, because the ego is something that doesn’t give trouble to the individual, so much as it does to the society (1980-0809)

If we can see our ego working, then we can get rid of it – not to fight the ego, but to surrender it – is the only way to get rid of it (1979-1118); Make your ego be challenged… not to get into temper… try that your ego doesn’t react… that can be achieved very easily if you try… in the mirror, look at yourself, and laugh at yourself… make fun of yourself (1986-0504); The ego covers the heart, and is to be surrendered (1985-0528); The biggest problem (1985-0806); The main problem (1979-1118); That is quite happy to hurt others, and allows you to do things which are inhuman, and can get inflated by any sort of achievement or recognition (MME/p176)

Ego can result from many useless things, including money, intelligence, etc., and has absolutely wrong ideas about one’s value. Ego people try to do everything through intelligence – are such a drag, and boring, and is very prevalent in the West. With ego, see what makes you happy, see what you plan about life (1980-0517.1); Which lets us think that ‘We’ can do this or that (1984-0702); Which lets us say cutting and hurtful things, without regard for others. Ego ends in stupidity, and foolishness, because we forget about God, and also about our relationship with the ‘whole’ (1978-1218); It is complete ignorance about yourself that gives you this ego (1980-0517.1); In simple words, this ego is nothing but absolutely wrong ideas about one’s own value, by which you think that ‘I am everything’ – what are we… we cannot even sprout a seed (1980-0517.1)

If you try to overpower matter, getting overactive with matter, making everything properly, over efficient with the matter, then your ego develops, and when your ego develops, you go into violence – because if you produce more, you have to be violent about it… otherwise you do not know how to sell it. You become a sort of an aggressive businessman, or country, which tries to overpower other nations with their material advancement… you become materialistic and such people have no heart… they are just dried up… the only thing they understand is money, money… money (1980-0927)

In India, nobody thinks ‘I am right’ – nobody thinks like that. Once you start thinking ‘I am right, and that person is wrong, I am doing alright, he’s wrong’… finished. The worst thing that can happen to human beings is ego… the worst thing. Possession is better… at least you feel the pinch of it… but ego you never feel the pinch… you never feel there is ego in you… and you feel you are the most correct person (1980-0927)

The ego part, that I must overpower everybody, I must get this… I must be able to rule everyone (1998-0510)… if you have right side problems, then you have to say ‘I forgive’ (1981-1006); Can be resolved by rejecting the feeling of being ‘in charge’ (1994-1105.1); ‘Pulling one’s ears’, and asking for forgiveness, can help to reduce the ego (1978-1218); The mantra for the ego is ‘Kshum’ (1978-1218), or the Mahatahankara mantra (1979-1118); If we say ‘Not I… but the Divine that is doing it…’, or ‘I am not doing anything…’, then the ego does not come up… and we become humble (1996-0505); If we have ego, we should raise the left side, and put it to the right side… there’s no other way out… you have to work it out with your hands (1983-0121)

Ego can project in any direction: a) if forwards, it tries to overpower, or dominate others, b) if to the right side, it becomes Supraconscious, and starts seeing things which are absurd, foolish, stupid, c) if to the left side, it starts seeing yourself as a big man, a very great personality, as a big Christ… d) if backwards, that is the very dangerous one, when people become gurus, which are ruining others, though they have lots of defects in themselves, and they try to pull others into this horrible stuff – is called as absolutely Naraka (1983-0113)

Now how to overcome higher attachments… which is also… in a very subtle way… is ego… like there are attachments that I should write a book on Sahaja Yoga… or I should paint something for Sahaja Yoga… or I must earn for Sahaja Yoga… I must do this for Sahaja Yoga… this is also… is ego… that I should be the leader of Sahaja Yoga. Then there are jealousies… if Mother says this is not good you feel hurt… if Mother says this is good you feel happy… that means you are still at a very subtler state of ego, where you think that whatever you say should be approved by me. That is something is very subtle we do not understand, that if Mother is not approving of it, there must be basic Divine reason… otherwise why should I not approve of it. We must know that it’s all the work of God, and we are just channels in the hands of God (1985-0310)

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– end – 6 Apr 2003