Ekadesha Rudra


Ekadesha Rudra

The 11 Destroying Powers: firstly a) the 5 on the Left side of the head (if we think I am ok, I can look after myself, I don’t believe in God…), and which come from Right side of the void, with right side diseases like heart attacks, and secondly b) the 5 on the Right side of the head (if we bow to wrong Gurus, submit to wrong ideas), and which come from Left side of the void, with incurable diseases like cancer, and c) the 11th is the Virat/Vishnu in the centre; The 11 destructive powers of Shiva; All these powers are in one Deity or Personality, that of Mahavishnu, or Christ. The cure for problems with Ekadesha Rudra is to give up wrong ideas, and wrong Gurus, and by accepting that Sahaja Yoga is the only way; Beat with shoes (1983-0204; 1984-0916; 1997-0316)

The 11 powers include the powers from: Ganesha; Bhairava; Hirenyagarbha (the collective Brahmadeva); Kartikeya; Hanumana; Mahavishnu (Christ); Buddha; Mahavira; Shiva/Parvati; Sadashiva/Adi Shakti; and Virata. The powers of Eka Desha Rudra can be destroyed by misidentifications (1983-0204; 1984-0916; 1997-0316), and may form a ridge… across the upper part… of the forehead (1982-0711; 1984-0622); When ego develops too much, you become Ekadesha Rudra problem (1980-0907); Eka Desha Rudra disorders also come from touching the feet of wrong gurus all the time, and when they begin to set in, the 11 powers of destruction go against you (1983-0129); Is one of the greatest hurdles to the Kundalini entering the Sahastrara, and comes from Void, and covers the Medha, the plate of the brain, so the Kundalini cannot enter into the Limbic area (1983-0204)

Ekadesha Rudra is on your forehead… if you bow before any wrong guru… you catch your Ekadesha Rudra (1981-0904); To neutralise… a guru, who has been a bad guru… you have to surrender to the Real Guru – if your guru is a real guru… then you surrender to the Mother of your real guru… because your real guru is also surrendered to this – so all the gurus are to be surrendered at the Lotus Feet of your Mother. Christ is a real guru… he is. The Christ you know of… is to be also surrendered at the Lotus Feet of your Mother… because he is also my son… Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha… all of them are my sons… Adi Shakti created all of them… She is the Mother of all the Gurus… of all the Prophets… of all the Incarnations. She exists… and after her… only Parabrahma is (1981-0904)

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