Electromagnetic Force


Electromagnetic Force

The energy of the right side, which created the Universe, and produced the physical part of Creation. The electromagnetic force became Prana, and later when we become Realised, it becomes Pranava (1985-0528)

These communications that we have… loudspeakers… TV… radio… all these things where we catch onto the ether… is all the blessings of Hanumana and are available to people who are right sided… only the right sided discover these things of the space… like cordless telephones or telegraphs where we don’t use any wires. So without any connection through the ether he can manage. Wherever you see the electromagnetic forces working it is worked through Hanumana’s blessings… he creates electromagnetic forces. So now we can see that as Ganesha has got the Magnetic force in him… he is the Magnet… then we can say that the Electromagnetic is the one which we call as Hanumana’s force on the material side of it (1990-0831)

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