Those people who use the right side too much, can become very imbalanced… they do not see to the left hand side… they do not see that they have an emotional being also within them, which is being starved, and they freeze the left side, and by that they get heart attack (1979-0720); If man has no emotional feelings, no love, then he is not complete (1995-1224)

If we are emotional types, where family is everything, we can become crazy… because others do not reciprocate (1983-0131); The emotions that we have should have no guilt in it. So not to use all words that show our guilt, but rather words that show our humility (1985-0901)

Cancer is caused, mostly which I have seen, in people who are left sided… not so much in people who are right sided, who are aggressive… but those who are emotionally disturbed get this trouble. So far I haven’t seen one patient of cancer who has not been emotionally very much inclined… so it’s more a case of emotional disturbance (1982-1008)

The cold is a left side problem, and indicates emotional problems… in girls, crying, whilst in men coughing or sneezing for no reason at all – coughing and sneezing to show our pitiable condition. To cure the cold, look into your emotional life. If there is too much attachment to mother or father, and if they misbehave, or do something so that the child feels hurt, then he may get colds. Any attachment that makes you foolish, or hankering after someone, creates similar troubles, especially with the ‘Romeos’. It can be corrected by getting proper understanding, that we are just trustees of our children, that we should be detached, and not get these romantic feelings. On the other side, if we move to the right side more, we get dry feelings, a dry throat – we cannot speak (1980-0517.2)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003