The capacity of enjoyment only comes when your Sahastrara is absolutely open… otherwise the capacity to enjoy is much less. But after getting to Sahaja Yoga, you’ll stop all these activities, and leave it to your Sahastrara to work it out… and it works out… you don’t have to rush… you don’t have to be so competent… you don’t have to write down everything… you don’t have to think of planning everything… because everything works out… and it works out beautifully. The only thing that one has to do is to accept whatever is happening for our good… even in small small things (1993-0508)

Today is the day to make a big determination… that you will start enjoying your collective spirit… which was opened on 5th May 1970… everything for the collectivity… then the enjoyment will be maximum… you will never feel that you have sacrificed anything. But still you are more identified with your own enjoyments… and your own ideas of enjoyment… you still do not enjoy that collective spirit… you still like… in companionship… in company with each other… you enjoy it more like people who are not in Sahaja Yoga… very low grade… just want to take advantage… and have a nice time… and all that… that type of people are not going to make much mark for us. You all must be connected to God individually… so that you are all connected among yourselves (1980-0505)

If we don’t want to enjoy what we have, and we want to have something else, then we can never be happy – we have to enjoy what we have. This is how the laws of economics work, by making you feel you want more and more. After Sahaja Yoga these economic laws should no longer work… only the Divine Laws (1986-0921.2)

The husband should enjoy his own wife, and not the wives of others – this is a stupid thing… your wife or husband, like also your family etc. is your own, your ‘part and parcel’; Whatever your virtues are, enjoy those virtues. Those who enjoy their virtues are great men, and don’t feel unhappy, but are proud of their virtues (1986-0921.2)

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– end – 17 Jun 2003