Self Realisation (1983-1001); That process which occurs as the Kundalini is awakened, and rises to unite with the All Pervading Power… and which first works on the physical being… then the mental… followed by the emotional… and finally the Spiritual being (1980-1027)

The heart has got seven auras around it… which get enlightened by the Spirit… it’s a very instantaneous or you can say simultaneous happening. But, before that… when the Kundalini rises… there are the seven centres represented on the seven seats in our brain… all the Sahaja Yogis know where they are. So when these centres are enlightened… the auras start shining in the heart. And ‘this’ centre is actually the seat of the Spirit… the Spirit has moved from there and has gone to the heart… that’s why in childhood you’ll find there’s an opening here… it’s a very soft bone called as the Fontanelle Bone, the Talu… because the Spirit comes out from there and is settled on the heart. You know Spirit also comes out in the night sometimes… goes round and sees… it’s so (1980-0721)

So when the Kundalini rises… first these centres get enlightened here… then in the brain… then the auras in the heart start getting enlightened… ultimately, when this centre which is the centre of the heart here, in Sahastrara, this point… when this gets enlightened, then the Spirit also gets enlightened fully… and then these auras become doubly shining… then the auspiciousness in many dimensions starts expressing itself. But to keep that light on… one has to keep the Kundalini over here (1980-0721)

Then what happens… then we are ruled by our hearts… rather than by our brains. And the more you depend on your vibratory awareness… the more you use your heart, your Spirit, not your brain. The more you use your brain… again you go down… because it is taken over now by the Spirit. But if you can… just leave it to your heart to work it out… and don’t think… because you are in thoughtless awareness after Realisation. And if you try to maintain that state… pay attention to your heart… let your Spirit emit itself… so that it clears out completely the confusion of the brain and everything… then you’ll be amazed that you cannot lose your vibrations… you cannot lose your Realisation (1980-0721)

Tape References

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