The result of possession (1979-0616); When you enter into the Collective Subconscious… any one of these spirits… these busy bodies… can catch hold of you… and once they catch hold of you, you are liable for any of these diseases. Especially, I have seen… if there’s a possessed person of course… they become mad… they get epilepsy… all these are possessed people. Epilepsy can be cured… all such mental problems, depression… can be cured… it’s not difficult at all… but one must know that if you are possessed, you must really work it out… and see to it that it goes away from you… and you become your Self. Multiple Sclerosis…a disease of the left side… so far I have seen three cases in England, which have been cured by Sahaja Yoga… and all of them had either the wife or husband possessed (1982-1008)

These people suffer from epilepsy, who follow this horrible False Guru business – they pay for becoming mad (1983-0302); It is very dangerous to go near things… that deal with the dead, and may result in cancers, epilepsy, heart attacks, accidents, financial ruin etc. (1981-0330); People who go to the left side can see a lot of things

– it is very common, and is very dangerous. You should not deal with that area (1983-0302)

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– end – 5 Jan 2003