Akasha. The 5th element, through which all collective work is done. If a Realised Soul puts attention on something, then it gets done, through the ether. Miracles are also done through the ether (1978-1005); The sky is… Ether is… Shri Krishna’s nature (1986-0823)

When clearing the right side… by putting the right hand towards the photograph… what happens is that your right hand gets the vibrations… and the heat is pushed towards your left… and passes out of your left hand… into the ether (1988-0921)

The subtle of the ether that we have is under the command of Shri Hanumana… he is the one who is the Lord of this ether… the subtle of the ether… or the causal of the ether. All the communications that you find, like we have within ourselves of the ductless glands… like pituitary is using ductless glands… is through Hanumana’s movement… because he can go into a Nirakar… he can go into a formless state. Also these communications that we have… loudspeakers… TV… radio… all these things where we catch onto the ether… is all the blessings of Hanumana and are available to people who are right sided… only the right sided discover these things of the space… like cordless telephones or telegraphs where we don’t use any wires. So without any connection through the ether he can manage. Wherever you see the electromagnetic forces working it is worked through Hanumana’s blessings… he creates electromagnetic forces. So now we can see that as Ganesha has got the Magnetic force in him… he is the Magnet… then we can say that the Electromagnetic is the one which we call as Hanumana’s force on the material side of it (1990-0831)

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