Must be steady in meditation (1981-1005); Eyes must be pure and loving. Soothe the eyes, by looking at the green grass, by looking at the ground, instead of always looking at every man or at every woman; Entities can enter into the eyes, as in ‘flirting’; 80% of attention is through the eyes, so it is very important to protect the eyes. Nervousness can be cured if our eyes are pure – the eyes express the whole of our being (1978-1218)

One has to try to get very pure eyes… thou shalt not have adulterous eyes… this is what we have to follow… all of us… and our attention has to be alright… for that this Raksha Bandhan is a very good thing. This attention goes out with many other things also… like aggressiveness… can be possessiveness… but the main thing is this… that if you do not have lust in your eye, then 50% you are alright… and half 50% is greed… for which you have to work on the Nabhi chakra… for which we will work it out on Diwali day (1986-0818); Without even our knowledge, our eyes are turned to things that are very gross, and which take us downwards (1985-0000.1)

If the eyes are flickering before Mother, or before Her Photo, when they are closed, then this is indicative of a problem, and the eyes should then be kept open (1979-1203); Keep your eyes open… I am sitting here… where are you going to meditate… meditate on me… keep your eyes open… just keep your eyes open (1985-0504); When I am speaking… you should not keep your eyes closed… but when you are meditating you can close your eyes (.0012)

Another thing is… when taking Realisation… you have to keep your eyes shut… if you keep your eyes open the Kundalini won’t rise above this centre (Agnya – Ed). This is absolutely the other way round… in hypnosis they hypnotise through your eyes… so keep your eyes shut and just be relaxed… and don’t worry about others (1982-1008; 1982-1007); We have to close our eyes… because the eyes take our attention outside… whilst the attention is going to be sucked, inside (1979-0722); Beforehand… see that there’s nothing hanging on your neck… very heavy… or something tight here… or you can little bit loosen your knots would be better… because Kundalini has to rise (1982-1007)

The eyes are dilated when the Kundalini rises, and sparkle all the time. Respect the eyes and give up all that is impure in the mind. With a glance of the eyes, you can give Realisation, can raise the Kundalini, can bring peace and joy into others. There is a big difference between the eyes of a Realised Soul and someone who is not yet realised (1978-1218)… there is a sparkle in the eyes, when Shri Ganesha is awakened, and there is no lust or greed… but… a glance… can purify thousands (1986-0907); As Realised Souls, you now have got a ‘glint’, a kind of light in the eye… and that light shows that you are Realised Souls. But to keep it up, you have to look at things which are not anti-God, which are not dirty, which are not filthy… which are not against Sahaja Religion… Sahaja Culture. If you can manage that, it is going to help you a lot (1988-0921)

Steady your eyes… put your eyes on the Mother Earth… and put rose water and netranjan and all that in the eyes… and also use the light… all the time… those who are left sided should use as much as possible, the lamp, lights and things like that… I hope you all have got these things in the house… good ghee lamps should be burnt for people who have left side problems… and see me through these lights… not through the electrical lights – I don’t think wax is so good… but you can get ghee very easily in England… use that ghee, and put your eye onto the photograph through that light… I’m sure it will work out (1984-0214)

Ghee is very good for the eyes, you see… you see, why you develop diabetes, and then as a result of diabetes, you develop bad eyes… the reason is that the fats are not consumed properly, and the fat for the brain and for the eyes is not supplied sufficiently (1984-0214)

Now eyes are very important… and eyes in a way are very much looked after by Vishuddhi… because the muscles of the eyes are looked after by Vishuddhi (1986-0823); The Vishuddhi… controls the outside of the eyes and also the balls of the eyes (1979-0722)

You must have noticed that there are some people who come to me… their eyes go on like this… those who are keeping the eyes open all the time are having Supraconscious bhoots… and those who are flickering their eyes are having the Subconscious bhoots (1986-0823)

Some people have a habit of keeping the eyes in an angle all the time… they never see you straight… they think sometimes it’s fashionable… and some of them have such eyes that they’ll go on looking and pouring their greedy eyes onto others, or their lusty eyes onto others… this is the worst thing you can do to your eyes… because such people easily can become blind. Such people may have trouble of the eyes… specially reddening of the eyes can come to such people very much (1986-0823)

So one has to be careful to keep the eyes very pure… the eyes of a Yogeshwara… who was Shri Krishna. He played with Radha – he married 5 women who were the 5 elements – 16000 women he married… they were his 16000 powers… but he was Yogeshwara… he had no lust in his eyes, in his mind about that at all… he was beyond that… he had no lust in his eyes about these women that he had. Of course I don’t expect you to be Shri Krishna… but you have your wife… those who do not have wives, must look forward to a wife… that you’ll get a wife and think of a wife who will be your own, so that your eyes will not fall on every woman (1986-0823)

Some people have a habit of showing anger with the eyes… and the angry eyes are another dangerous thing to do with your eyes… because they can become mesmeric. If you start putting your eyes onto something and concentrating on it, your eyes might become mesmeric… means bhoots will start coming out of your eyes. First of all you catch bhoots in your eyes… they settle down there… and then they will be falling on other people as bhoots… it’s a very very dangerous thing to go on looking at something continuously with concentration (1986-0823)

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