A person who gets Realisation has a face which is very radiant… and radiance is the ‘subtlety’ of light… so the first element, which is light you can say… and the subtlety of the light is radiance… and so this radiance starts showing on your face… starts expressing itself… and with that radiance, people get impressed… and they start thinking something special about this personality which has radiance. Now we have seen my photographs also… many a times you will find lots of light around… that is nothing but the light in me which is giving radiance… because the light becomes subtler. So this is the subtle growth within you that takes place… your faces also start shining… they too have radiance… a kind of different complexion. This radiance is to be understood… is the subtle of the light, of which we are made (1998-1216)

Light… is absolutely detached. Look after your light, otherwise it will extinguish. When it is established, others will see the light on your face. The light of love never burns, but dissolves all that is bad, turns away from what is wrong, has patience, and expels the darkness, within and without (1987-1024)

When you are responsible, you will be amazed… you will drop out most of your habits… automatically. Once you take the responsibility of Sahaja Yoga on your shoulders… immediately all the dimensions of your new life will open out… knowledge will pour into you… a new style of understanding will develop… the subtleties of life will open out before you… the joy will pour onto you… you will feel as if the Ganges is flowing over your Sahastrara… but you have to be responsible. Responsible also means that others should be given a chance… and when you start leading a responsible Sahaja Yogi life… thousands of evolved Souls will hang around you… you’ll have a different light on your face… you will be amazed… when you speak, you will be amazed at how you are speaking… how things are happening… how things are working out. You are very few people on the stage – behind the stage there are thousands. The sense of responsibility can only come through your freedom… this is the problem of Sahaja Yoga. So in Sahaja Yoga… we have to be responsible (1977-0126.1); Ultimately our own lives, our own faces will convince of the truth, that the Divine is there (1980-0629)

Joy… expresses in your eyes, in your faces, in the atmosphere, in nature… it cannot be expressed in words… and this is what we all have to achieve, and for that we have to know that we are not going to bow down to anything that puts our attention into shackles. Mother has freed us… let us spread our wings (1988-0106)

So do everything in silence… in thoughtless awareness… that’s the main point. Try at least to see my face without thinking… my face itself makes you thoughtless… on the photograph you can watch my face without thinking… and it will work out. Silence your mind (1980-0907); We also should watch Mother without thinking (1980-0609); A Photo of the Face will not work to correct the grosser problems – for that a Photo of the Feet works much better. The Face is for the seekers (1980-0517.2); “My face is such a funny thing, that if you watch it for a long time, you will have no thoughts… today it happened, I went to the tailor, and he just looked at me, and he didn’t know what he was doing. My husband said ‘Is he stunned or what?’ ” (1980-0609)

The face is controlled by the Vishuddhi chakra (1979-0722); The Vishuddhi… controls the lymphatic system, ears, outside of the eyes, nose, neck (1981-1004; 1981-0330), throat, face (1982-0711) and teeth (1988-0710)… and all the mastoid muscles, the tongue, the cheeks and also the balls of the eyes (1979-0722); The Vishuddhi looks after the cooling function – the liver gives heat, whilst the cooling is done by Vishuddhi. If the Vishuddhi is good, then there is a bloom on the face, a glow, a sparkle in the eyes (1983-0202)

It is Shri Ganesha who creates the child within the mother’s womb… he selects the face… the colour… everything. With his magnetic power he manages to attract the right type of genes… he does all such important things for you… all the time busy… never rests… so full of joy and hard work (1984-0902)

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– end – 6 May 2003