We must have faith… not blind faith, but that based on experience (1981-1103)… because you have seen it (1980-0518); Sahaja Yoga gives you experiences, and then you believe into it… and that is open, enlightened faith. This is the real faith… no conjecture… no just talking about it – in actual life, you see these things happening (1980-1116); This is the faith… that you have got Realisation through Sahaja Yoga… that it’s a tremendous power… that there is All Pervading Power which is absolutely dynamic… that you have that power flowing through you… that you are giving Realisation… and that your Mother is something special (1980-0518); Is not a blind faith (1989-1008.1), but an enlightened faith (1995-0320.1); A spiritual state of one’s being, when you are part and parcel of Reality, when nothing can affect you (1996-1020); Shraddha (1989-1008.1; 1995-0320.1; 1996-1020)

To develop this faith, you have to first of all tell yourself rationally… clearly… ‘don’t you see… this is happening… can’t you see it is rising… can’t you understand’… think how wonderful it is… how great it is; The power of faith is the greatest becoming power… it is beyond analysis, beyond thought… your awareness rises higher, and these small little, little things which have become subtler, start departing from you. This is the third state of awareness; Faith is the ‘recognition’… it is only going to work out by how much faith you have. This faith then starts encompassing also what I say… means absorbing… not criticising… not repelling back… but absorbing (1980-0518)

Bhakti is only possible if you have faith… that’s the thing… is the faith… which is challenged nowadays by all kinds of stupid and horrible people… the intellectuals… also by science… and by this and that church. So your faith has to be absolutely… absolutely untarnishable… so when this faith in God is absolutely established within you… that there is God Almighty… he’s Almighty… and that I am the messenger of that God… just this understanding, when it becomes absolutely formed in you… then you are in Guru Pada (1992-0719)

Today, we must remember one thing… that we must have complete faith in the Kingdom of God… and in the power of God Almighty… complete faith (1992-0719)

The protocol of these photographs is important, to start developing that faith. Keep one photograph with you all the time, respect it… Mother’s attention is there. And have that understanding that, ‘that’s Mother with us…’ you’ll be amazed how things work out; All of you require more faith… and more faith… and more faith… so the faith is going to work it out (1980-0518)

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– end – 6 May 2003