False Gurus


False Gurus

Those who are Rakshasas, sinful people (1980-1027); Who are criminals, are anti-God, anti-Christ people, who hanker after money… who must be given up (1983-0129); People… who say that they are representing God… or who say that they are God… or say that they have the powers of God… should be able to connect you to God

– if they cannot connect you to God, then they are absolutely useless (1979-0530); There are so many now who have come to misguide you. They are taking money for misguiding you, for giving you sins. They are nicely booking you up for a trip to hell – they themselves are nicely booked there. People feel very hurt when I say about them… but they are not gurus, they are Rakshasas (1979-0928); They are able to spread fast because they are not part of a living process (1987-0516)

Mostly these gurus look after your purses… or your wives maybe. Their lives are blackened by their ill deeds… they are evil people, devils… some of them born again to test your intelligence. They may come as anything… but they are evil doers of the worst types. Not only that they will go to Hell, but that all the disciples of theirs will go to Hell (1987-0513)

Those who go headlong into wrong paths may suffer from funny heart troubles, palpitations, insomnia, vomiting, giddiness, irrelevant talking etc. It is very serious to go to wrong gurus (1983-0204); Amongst their followers, diseases like cancers, leukaemia, psychosomatic problems, madness, can occur, and can lead to Ekadesha Rudra problems (1983-0129)

They are to be beaten with shoes (1979-1118); Mantras for false Gurus include “Sarva Asatya Guru Mardini” (1979-1203), and “Sarva Asura Mardini” (1980-0517.2); Those who have been to any gurus should put their right hand on their heart, because your Spirit is your Guru… who resides in your heart (1983-0302)

What I’m asking you your mantra for… because once you give up your mantra, you give up your misidentifications. Why I asked you… I would like to see how much you are still identified with him (a false guru – Ed)… if you are still identified with him, I cannot do anything about it… because evil is evil, and good is good (1979-0618)… these mantras are the names of devils (1979-0618)

What you have to do when you start feeling anything… anger against say some very devilish guru supposing… then you build it up in yourself, and that built up anger within you will neutralise that. You need not say it out loud… you need not talk about it… but that built up anger will little bit trouble you also… because it has little bit reaction… but when it is released it will have an effect… and such a person cannot stand a Sahaja Yogi (1985-0310)

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– end – 6 May 2003