Together with household matters, the family is the concern of the Left Nabhi, the Gruhalakshmi, the Goddess of the family. If the wife starts to compete with the husband, then the family and children suffer; The most important role of the wife is to produce and care for the children; The family is the most important basis of a healthy society – if the family is destroyed, then all society is destroyed; The family is the nest, for the children to be able to grow up with dignity (1981-0328)

All these relations, such as brother, mother, father, sister mean such a lot to you… because you have chosen them. When you were born, you chose your father, your mother… everyone… you chose all of them… that’s how family is very important (1979-0618); The ‘Principle’ or ‘Essence’ of the family, and of the marriage, of the household, is the child, for whom all is created (1978-1218)

Your ‘kith and kin’ are Sahaja Yogis… they are your brothers… and they are your sisters (1986-0818); Your ‘relations’ are Sahaja Yogis… no other. You are born on this tree of life, whilst they (your earthly relatives – Ed) are not… so we cannot identify with them (1987-1220)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1987-1220 Attention on Quality, Rahuri – see 1987-1220 good 20

1986-0818 Raksha Bandhan – Hampstead – see 1986-0823.1 good 20 1978-1218 Agnya, Caxton Hall (first 15 mins poor quality) not good 70

1979-0618 Jim Proctor’s House, Leeds [not a talk – informal only] poor 50 1981-0328 Nabhi talk – Australia [some noises + 15 mins Q&A] good 55 1987-1220 Attention on quality – India 87/88

– end – 11 Sep 2002