Certain habits that we acquire… are mostly because of fashion… and one bad habit we have got is not to say ‘no’ to anyone… how to say ‘no’ you see… like somebody is smoking… or drinking… and he forces us… so we say… oh alright (1977-0126.2); The problem is… we are still rising out of this human bondage… to a higher life of Realisation… and we have to realise that we have to give up all these shackles… all these horrible things within us. Your brothers, sisters, your father, mother, husband, everybody… they try to pull you down… if they are drinking, they’ll say ‘come along, you better have something to drink… you’re not social… you’re useless… not up-to-date’… that’s how a fashion starts. In Sahaja Yoga you are free from all this nonsense… free from money bondage… this is very important. Then we have such a collective sense of accepting nonsense… that has to be dropped off… especially in America… also in England… like becoming primitive… or becoming slaves of fashion (1997-0823.1); Fashion is madness (1997-1005)

Materialism takes away everything that is beautiful, that is good within you… is a kind of befooling that is going on, is a horrible stuff, and makes a person absolutely shameless. For example with fashion, what is the need to run after fashions… just because someone wants to make some money (1987-0503.1); No use also… going to the sea, making your body brown… and then suffering from cancer of the skin… this kind of stupidity is also very much fashionable (1997-0823.1); Guru shopping is a fashion… is nothing deep… is a fashion (1986-0707.1)… seeking is a fashion in the West… but is also genuine in many (1979-0507)

Some people have a habit of keeping the eyes in an angle all the time… they never see you straight… they think sometimes it’s fashionable… and some of them have such eyes that they’ll go on looking and pouring their greedy eyes onto others, or their lusty eyes onto others… this is the worst thing you can do to your eyes… because such people easily can become blind. Such people may have trouble of the eyes… specially reddening of the eyes can come to such people very much (1986-0823); Hair Colouring can also lead to blindness (1987-0500)

First and foremost thing for a Sahaja Yogi is he must have introspection… he must watch himself… if he changes because some fashion has come… or because some people have suppressed him… or just asked him to… or just to please people of cheap values, then he cannot be a guru. He has to station himself properly on the values of Sahaja Yoga (1998-0712)

You say it is a fashion to be guilty. What are you guilty about… I don’t understand… what sin can you commit that God’s Love cannot cure… he’s an ocean of love (1979-0722); What’s the use to feel guilty. If you feel guilty, this left side Vishuddhi gets caught up. One must know that God is the ocean of compassion… he is the ocean of love… and he is the ocean of forgiveness (1982-1008)

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– end – 3 Mar 2003