Fat Cells


Fat Cells

Diabetes is a common disease of modern times, and doctors cannot cure it, but we can cure it no doubt. Diabetes is caused because there is one centre, called the Swadisthan which manifests the aortic plexus within us, and which looks after the pancreas, spleen, kidneys and liver, (1979-0720) but also looks after the production of fat cells for the brain (1989-0801); You see… why you develop diabetes… and then as a result of diabetes, you develop bad eyes… the reason is that in diabetes, the fats are not consumed properly… and they are not supplied sufficiently to the brain… to the optic lobes. The brain is made of fat cells… and that is why you get these troubles… if the fat cells can be used for the eyes… then there is no problem (1984-0214); Butter is important for the Swadisthan, which converts it for the use of the brain cells (1981-1005); Without carbohydrates, fats and butter cannot be retained by the body (1983-0202)

The Swadisthan… the second subtle centre, which is actually the third centre arising from the Nabhi as on a stalk (1981-0928)… controls the liver, pancreas, spleen, uterus (1981-0928) and part of the intestines and kidneys (1987-0500), and also the ovaries (1984-0313), via control of the Aortic plexus (1987-0500), and converts fat cells in the stomach for the use of the brain (1981-1005); Now… when you are thinking, the cells of the brain are replaced every minute… by the fat that is in your stomach… by this centre of Swadisthan… in the gross expressed as the Aortic Plexus (1982-1008)… and so if the control of the Swadisthan is diverted… away from the organs… to the provision of fat cells… for the use of the brain… this can then result in diseases such as blood cancer, and diabetes from unhealthy spleen or pancreas respectively (1989-0801; 1987-0500; 1981-1005)

Now if there’s a tradition of dharma… then what happens… that the fat cells in our stomach get the experience… get charmed with the sense of virtue, of righteousness, of goodness, of innocence. Also, with the Kundalini awakening… your dharma is

‘built in’ – and your cells are charmed by that… and so you use that power to enlighten your brain, which surrounds actually as auras your heart. But if that is not so… it’s like a dead… another cell going in the head… and then experiences in dirty things… in doing something that is destructive (1985-0310)

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Chakras affected: Swadisthan

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