That which binds our heart is fear, fear because maybe we have been tortured or troubled by somebody in the past and so our heart is closed, or perhaps we have frightened others and so we are fearful that they may do the same to us. Aggressiveness is malignant and creates a cancer, and then we start reacting. There should be no reaction to anything, and no aggression (1987-0503.1); Sahaja Yoga is a yoga in which fear doesn’t play any part (1998-0712)

In the West, everybody is afraid of everyone, even the children are afraid to hug their parents… there is no expression of love – there should be no fear, no insecurity (1991-0728); Give up all that you call as fear… all kinds of fear we have. These are all left sided things… what a left sided man has to know is, that he is now an enlightened soul, and no-one can touch him… leave alone destroy him. Those who will try, will in a very interesting manner be finished… not destroyed, but in a very jocular manner… you’ll laugh at that, and enjoy the way things are working out (1992-0621); Every ‘Negative’ should be afraid of you – even your presence can frighten them (1981-1103)

The fear sometimes comes, that I will be putting up my ego if I do something – that if we assert something or other as right, then we will get ego. Know that you are a Realised Soul, start respecting yourself, and you will not fall into the trap of ego… ‘how can I behave like this’… then a kind of dignity develops, and we feel shy of doing something stupid (1991-0728); Tell yourself ‘I am a Realised Soul, nothing can make me unhappy, nothing can befool me’, and believe it in your heart, let it settle down on your intelligence, and your fears will all disappear, just like that (1980-0517.1); Once you start facing yourself through your Spirit, you won’t be so frightened… it is because you don’t want to face yourself that you all the time are in that mood of fear (1980-0907); Whatever is against the Spirit is sin… even fear is a sin (1983-0512)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003