When someone is being given Realisation… remove the shoes, that is important… remove the shoes… so no pressure is on the feet and nothing between the feet and Mother Earth, and also as sign of respect… (you can keep the socks on)… and place feet separately… put the feet straight on the ground, and apart… because they are two different powers, onto Mother Earth. The reason is this Mother Earth has the power to help us a lot… and to suck in all our problems. Sit straight, in a relaxed and comfortable way… with hands on the lap. Put the Photo with light (a candle) before it… and put both hands to the Photo… [or to Shri Mataji – Ed]… and close the eyes (1982-1008; 1982-1007; 1984-0410; 1979-0530; 1979-0000.2; 1979-1009.1; 1983-0127; 1987-1023)

The understanding of Mother Earth about Saints is very great… she knows who is a Saint… she knows the feet of a Saint. That’s why so many things were created – like Moses… he went to the sea, and the Mother Earth came up for them to walk through… it was for Moses, and his saintliness, that the Mother Earth came up and helped. In the same way, when Rama was building a big bridge between Lanka and India, Mother Earth came up as a bridge. So we should not curse the Mother Earth for any mishaps on this earth… if people are saintly, they will always be protected by Mother Earth… she will always try to give them whatever they want (1997-0525)

Early in the morning, when we get up, and we put our foot on her, we should say ‘oh Mother, please forgive us because we are touching you with our feet’ (1986-0803); Mother Earth sucks all our problems (1980-0609); She sucks in your negativity when you stand on her with bare feet, respecting her and asking her to suck your negativity, with a light in front of you… in front of my photograph (1986-0803); Mother Earth is the one who sucks all these negative forces of the left hand side (1988-0921)

Then everyone must soak their feet daily, and must do daily meditation. For correcting your right side, use the Mother Earth or water or even ice or also carbohydrate or vegetarian types of foods… if we have ego, what we should do is raise the left side, and put it to the right side… there’s no other way out… you have to use your hands; For left side, use light or fire or nitrogenous foods i.e. proteins (1983-0121)

The simplest way is… I mean we have found this… that after Realisation, if you go for seven days treatment with soaking feet before my photograph, it works out. Then you start establishing your auspiciousness… and once you have established it… then you don’t lose it very easily. Afterwards when you become very strong, you don’t mind working on anyone whatsoever (1980-0721); This is our way of life… is to keep ourselves cleansed… this is bathing ourselves. All those things which are filthy within us… take them out. All those who have to be Sahaja Yogis, and have to live in ashrams, have to soak their feet every night, and have to meditate – because your egos pass from each other… it’s contamination… complete contamination… try to humble down (1980-0907)

Some people don’t do anything… and they’re supposed to be Sahaja Yogis. Some people do not even soak their feet in water… do not even meditate… I do not know how they are Sahaja Yogis… I just cannot understand. Everyday you must soak your feet in water… every morning you must beat yourself with shoes… if you have the chance, you should do it… that’s how you cleanse… that’s a part (1980-0907)

Footsoaking… is a technique used daily for clearing the subtle system (1983-0121), and for only 10 minutes, you have to sit, but with full heart (1983-0204), and is done with salt in water (1983-0129); Everyone must have a regular sitting in the water every day… that’s important. You have to soak your feet in the water, because the water is the ocean (1983-0121); Sit with both your hands towards the photograph, and put both the feet in the water, with little bit of salt in it, for about 5 or 10 minutes. You must allow the vibrations to clear you out… then wipe your feet, and put the water properly into some disposal, and then sit down for meditation. If you can do that every day, even 10 minutes is more than sufficient… you don’t have to do anything in an extreme manner (1988-0921)

In terms of Protocol, our feet should not be placed towards the Divine (1981-1004)… towards the Mother (1983-0129); Putting your feet towards somebody is an insult. It is a custom everywhere in the whole world. If you have lost your traditions, it doesn’t mean that there were ‘no traditions’. The sense of respect has come to us from inside, not from outside… it’s not rationality… it has come to us from our Unconscious. Nowhere in the world you will find anybody putting up their feet before anyone whom you respect… it’s not a sign of respect. Say my photograph is there, or I am there, now you respect me isn’t it… then you would not like to sit with the feet… towards… (1979-1015)

Especially for Sahaja Yogis, no-one should be allowed to touch your feet as a guru – it is a very dangerous thing, and you could go out of Sahaja Yoga as a result (1983-0725); Eka Desha Rudra disorders also come from touching the feet of wrong gurus all the time, and when they begin to set in, the 11 powers of destruction go against you (1983-0129)

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– end – 28 Jul 2003