The fingers are connected to the different chakras (1979-0616); All these seven centres are reflected in our fingers and our hands (1979-0720); Mohammed said that ‘your hands will speak’, meaning that on your hands, on your finger tips you will feel your own defects, when the Judgement Time comes (1987-1023); If the Sahaja Yogis try to do something wrong, then they know they are doing wrong on their finger tips… or we can ask them to get out of Sahaja Yoga… but that seems to be the worst punishment for Sahaja Yogis… they don’t like… why… because they feel ‘we are separated from Reality’… all the blessings of the Reality are lost to them (2000-0423); Ghee and Butter… can be rubbed onto the fingers and hands, to soothe them down, because the heat from the other people can make them dried up (1983-0209)

Now when you find that a person has a cancer… on the hands you find that all these fingers (all fingers of left hand – Ed) are burning… sometimes even these fingers (fingers on both the hands

Ed) start burning. If you put your hands toward a person who is suffering from cancer, all your fingers start burning (left and right hands – Ed)… and you start burning here and here (indicating the area on the outer part of the palms, at the base of all fingers, on both left and right hands – Ed). Also you may start feeling a throbbing here (indicating the solar plexus area – Ed)… of course throbbing doesn’t mean that a person has cancer, but it’s one of the symptoms (1982-1008)

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